Tips for choosing a drawer handle How to maintain a drawer handle

Drawer handles

It is installed on the drawer to facilitate the opening and closing of the drawer by hand, and is generally made of wooden strips or metal objects. The quality of the drawer handle affects the service life of the drawer, and choosing a suitable drawer handle is very important for the drawer. So how to buy

This? Let’s briefly introduce the selection skills of drawer handles, as well as the maintenance methods of drawer handles.

First, the selection and purchase skills of drawer handles

1. Choose from the material: drawer handles are divided from the material, including zinc alloy handles, stainless steel handles, copper handles, iron handles, aluminum handles, log handles and plastic handles. It is also important to choose the material of the handle of the drawer, a good handle can not only increase the beauty of the drawer, but also enhance the service life.

2. Choose from the style: the style of drawer handles on the market is also increasing, mainly modern simple style, Chinese antique style, European pastoral style these categories, choose and home style matching handles, can play a good decorative effect.

3. Choose from the brand: there are many brands of drawer handles on the market, and well-known brands of drawer handles can enhance the service life.

4. Choose from the specifications: drawer handles are usually divided into single-hole handles and double-hole handles. The length of the double-hole handle hole spacing is generally a multiple of 32, and the more common ones are 32mm hole spacing, 64mm hole spacing, 76mm hole spacing, 96mm hole spacing, 128mm hole spacing, 160mm hole spacing and so on. When selecting a drawer handle, first measure the length of the drawer to select the right handle.

Second, the maintenance method of the drawer handle

1. When cleaning the handle, you must not use a cleaning agent containing acid and alkali components, which is corrosive, which directly reduces the service life of the handle.

2. When cleaning the handle, you can wipe it with a relatively soft dry cloth. If it is a drawer handle in the kitchen, because there are more oil stains, you can use a cloth dipped in talcum powder to wipe the surface vigorously, the effect is excellent.

3. Hardware handles should be cleaned once or twice every other week, so that the handles can be kept cleaner and cleaner.

4. Due to the frequent use of drawer handles, the screws are easy to loosen over time, so check regularly whether the drawer screws are loose, and replace them with new ones if the screws fall.

5. Do not put wet towels and other things on the handle, otherwise it is easy to make the wooden handle wet, iron or copper rust and paint.

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The maintenance method of the drawer handle is shared here, I hope it will be helpful to everyone when purchasing and maintaining the drawer handle. If you still don’t have a choice, you can buy well-known brands in the market.

Drawer handles

Drawer handles