A solid knit sweater with block heeled boots

Half-turtleneck thickened solid pullover knit

Autumn and winter solid color slim sweater, unique style design, combined with aesthetic styling style, showing the noble and elegant temperament of women. A classic silhouette that shows off your figure.

Autumn and winter solid color slim sweater, the overall design style slim shape is slimmer and slender, combining the two advantages of elegance and fashion, the upper body effect is very comfortable, all kinds of body shapes can be worn.


Pullover crewneck solid wool knit

Especially suitable for spring and autumn wear, very comfortable to wear, feel so slippery, sweater outside a cotton coat must look good, of course, winter can also wear it.

It definitely looks good to wear with a thick vest in winter, and I like the pattern on the collar and sleeves, and the fabric is comfortable to the touch

Turtleneck pullover knit cardigan solid color

The pullover crewneck sweater gives a strong visual look, and the visually slim shoulders show personal charm and are easy to wear and energetic.

Simple and neat, the small fit is worn to show the slim effect, wearing your delicate woman image.

Pullover sweater, turtleneck, twist, solid knit, thick sweater, undershirt

A solid color sweater that shows special temperament, suitable for various occasions, how to match it is good-looking, versatile and thin.

Women’s knit solid color low crewneck pullover, long sleeves, mid-length slim fit

The loose fit is cool and comfortable, the upper body is shaped, and the effect of thinning is also first-class, surprisingly beautiful, the fabric is comfortable and smooth, the personality is fashionable, and the simple style design.

The shape is very atmospheric, a knitted skirt with an aura on the upper body, loose silhouette, pure tone, no skin tone figure, gentle and elegant.

Half-turtleneck thickened solid pullover knit