Girls regardless of height? Wear a long trench coat with these 3 types of shoes, fashionable and tall and temperamental

After the “autumn tigers” all left with one autumn rain after another, we officially ushered in the cool autumn atmosphere, and the wardrobe prepared a variety of autumn items early for the little ladies who love beauty to choose. However, in the face of all kinds of items, there are still many little fairies who are beginning to struggle with which one to choose and how to wear it? Among them, the trench coat with its own aura is naturally the one that cannot be missed, and we only need to match the dress of the trench coat to easily have the fashionable shape of autumn. The matching of the trench coat is not only very comfortable and warm, the key is to show the high-end temperament, the following content is to share the combination of long trench coat and shoes, so that the little sisters regardless of height, can wear tall, thin, fashionable and temperamental.

1. What kind of shoes look good with a trench coat?

Although, in a set of outfits, clothing exists as the main body, but the shoes on the feet are also a presence that cannot be ignored, so we must first understand what kind of shoes can be more suitable for matching with a long trench coat, so that your matching is naturally difficult to go wrong.

Choose lightweight shoes

As we all know, the trench coat belongs to the category of the coat, then it will naturally become the main body of the whole outfit, the long trench coat hem is longer, wearing the body will look more or less cumbersome, and the shoes on the feet if they are too thick and bulky, then it will naturally become your burden, not only limited mobility, but also make your whole person become bloated and fat, so we have to choose with light shoes to add lightness, improve comfort and neatness.

Choose shoes that are versatile and casual

Under normal circumstances, the long trench coat gives people the feeling of being a more casual and atmospheric type, which is very suitable for young ladies to wear in daily life, giving people a comfortable and casual feeling. Then, in order to make the integrity of the overall look higher, we naturally want to choose a versatile and non-picky shoe style, so as to be more in tune with the casual trench coat and create the fashion style that is perfectly wanted.

The first type: Martin boots + trench coat

The intellectually handsome Martin boots are a very popular boot in recent years, which can be worn from autumn to spring, and are a must-have pair of shoes in our wardrobe every year. Fashionable and atmospheric design, special good matching, what workplace fan small suits, age-reducing denim jackets, sweet cool leather jackets, etc., can be matched, not to mention the windbreakers with their own aura, easily let your sense of high-class show.

The second: sandals + trench coat

If you want to make your trench coat look elegant and feminine, then you must have gentle sandals, which are also the most popular shoes in late summer and early autumn. You can choose a simple and generous trench coat with a small skirt, a pair of sandals on your feet, and comfortable low heels, which is particularly gentle and generous.

The third type: ankle boots + trench coat

There are still plenty of shoes that can be worn in autumn, and those who want to be versatile can choose solid naked boots to easily control various styles and types of clothing and fashion. Slim style, the effect of defining the ankle line is good, wear the most beautiful side.

The fourth type: granny shoes + trench coat

Finally, sharing a vintage-inspired granny shoe with a trench coat is a classic and attractive look, which can not only help you interpret the laid-back and casual daily atmosphere, but also create an elegant and decent light mature style. The trench coat with the light blue jeans of youth and casual feels a little rotten in the combination of the street, but because of the grandma shoes on the feet, it suddenly becomes gentle and intellectual, and the temperament is good.

There is no natural beauty capital, but we have the ability to rewrite destiny, every beautiful and excellent woman can create her own charm by working hard to find a suitable outfit.

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