How to match the leggings in autumn? 15 sets of color tights, a demonstration, warm fashion

The weather turns cold, when you want to continue in a skirt, leggings is essential. Choosing classic black tights is very easy to match, but gray, red or brown tights is also good. This time I will share the 4 color leggings.

Black bottoming tights


First introduce the classic black tights. 80 Daniel’s black tights almost has a transparent feeling, and can be matched with a white dress to complete a layer of black and white color molding. Because the entire shape is pure white and black, the sweetness of the soft white skirt is inhibited, giving people to know the impression.

The matching combination of white tops and camel horn skirts, becomes autumn and winter breath by mixing basic black tights. At the same time, it is equipped with black shoes, and the long effect can be increased.

When you want to make a dress stood out in autumn, black tights are your nice choice. Through black leggings tights and black, gray pattern dress will look more beautiful.

The beige knit dress is found to match black leggings, brown boots and grilled scarves. Black tights make your legs appear slim, and well in a loose dress. The plaid scarf is the protagonist of the shape.


If you wear a black tights shape, why not try the stack of tights + socks? This fall is specially recommended to match white socks. Wear plaid coats, lace shoes and clean white socks to create a relaxed mood.

Gray bottoming tights


At first glance, it looks black tights, but this is actually a deep charcoal gray tights. By matching with black jackets, subtle color differences can be produced, thereby creating a stereoscopic appearance. The combination of orange sneakers and charcoal gray is also cool.


Put on gray tights, legs look light. With a black dress, it highlights the autumn shape of the mustard jacket.


White cotton skirt and soft combination of gray tights. Gray does not interfere with the unique sense of skirt. Gently put the dark blue denim jacket tighten shallow shape.


Dark green grilled femto skirt, if you choose a gray tights and one, the skirt pattern will not appear heavy, but bring you a moderate light look. It is matched with brown boots.

Red bottoming tights


The deep wine red tights look very beautiful, and it is integrated with a small-length skirt with wine red. Slightly red warm match, stacked white shirts inside the sweater showing a little collar and hem, which is very clean.


40 Daniel’s red tights is slightly transparent, with it to match the black and white color of clothes, increase the charm of the light cooked woman.

This is also a wine red tights, close to black, so it is easy to match. Because it is slightly red, for full-white match, it can be a point in the shape.

Brown bottoming tights

Brown tights give people feel more soft than black. You can also integrate it into your shape like a black tights. It is a perfect transition between red skirts and green shoes to avoid strong contrast between the two.


Mocha color pants can be used as black tights. In order to get more natural appearance, it is recommended to match the same brown high heels. The skirt is white, others are dark, thereby creating exquisite shapes.

When choosing brown tights, it will provide a delicate and warm feeling without black tights. Will also match the cordiofa and sweaters with warm feelings with tights, creating cute styles suitable for autumn and winter.