Are super shorts the trick to becoming the ultimate hipster in 2022?

Paris Fashion Week for spring/summer 2022 begins, and a wave of trend predictions is quietly emerging from the runways of major brands. What trendy elements are most eye-catching this year? That must be the male models on the runway brushing and wearing “super shorts”! Is shorts shorter the trick to becoming the ultimate hipster in 2022?

When the length of pants is no longer a boundary,

Boys can wear it whenever they want!

Today, let’s talk about the strongest item of this summer – shorts.

The shorts trend on the runway

Hipsters’ eyes must be fixed on Paris Fashion Week, and major brands have launched spring/summer 2022 collections. Everyone was also excited to discuss what fun, good-looking, and novel designs were on this year’s show. When they saw the male models wearing “super shorts” on the runway, everyone was attracted ~


FENDI has had a really wild time this year! Not only did the show move directly to the Fendi headquarters in the Italian Palace of Culture on Rooftop Mountain, the ready-to-wear design was a breakthrough, with male models walking on the top floor in truncated open-waisted suits and ultra-short suit pants.

Speaking ahead of the show, FENDI’s menswear art director Silvia said, “At a time when our freedom seems to be limited, I think it’s also the moment to push it forward, so I really wanted to give people a sense of freedom.” I think it’s time to break boundaries.”

So this year’s FENDI makes crop tops no longer exclusive to women, and ultra-shorts give men the freedom to wear. With a gentle and fresh color scheme, it looks very comfortable.

However, it is still quite difficult to control these clothes, and everyone has @ FENDI’s men’s spokesperson Wang Jiaer, but this face should look good in everything.


On the runway, PRADA’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection also directly broke the boundaries of gender, with male models wearing pink shirts and shorts rolled to make the models’ long legs more revealed.

PRADA also combines ultra-shorts and short skirts to make fake two pieces, with a strappy, low-cut V-neck sweater, sexy no. This gender-neutral beauty makes people can’t help but look forward to the star upper body picture of this outfit, who will follow the trend of shorts first?

After watching PRADA’s spring/summer 2022 collection, many netizens joked: “This year’s fashion week is a little tall for men.” So the figures of trendy men are also going to start rolling in??

▼ Rick Owens

The Rick Owens 2022 ready-to-wear launch has a catwalk on Lido Beach in Italy, with the same steady output as ever. Male models walk by the sea in openwork, shoulder pads, and tulle designs, full of a sense of future and freedom.

The shorts are naturally not less, and the use of shorts to make the whole look more relaxed and casual, bringing everyone an unrestrained feeling.

In the choice of material, a softer-looking silk fabric was also used, which can be worn by both men and women.

In addition, you can also find the trend of “super shorts” in the spring/summer 2022 collections of many brands, such as MSGM, JW Anderson and so on… Look at this trend, this super shorts, trendy men, must wear ah!


▼ JW Anderson

Through the design of major brands, it can be seen that the clothes on our bodies are returning to the most primitive state, regardless of gender, blurring gender, and without those rules. “Wear what you want” and “dress freely” are increasingly becoming a norm of life.

The ultra-shorts trend keeps up with this wave!

After watching the shorts trend on the runway, we immediately followed! As one of the items with the highest upper body rate in summer, shorts not only bring us coolness, but also make the limbs more comfortable, and prepare trendy items in advance for the summer of 2022~

The length of shorts can largely determine our style of dressing, and there are also different degrees of leg shape, so next, let’s talk about these shorts of different lengths. See if you can play with this wave of “super shorts” trend!

▼ Three-point pants

For boys, it is already the range of ultra-shorts to expose 70% of the legs and more. Boys wear super shorts and feel that they don’t wear pants at all, for fear of the eyes of passers-by, so many boys basically avoid this length.

Moreover, there are many people who have a stereotype of “super shorts” and think that it is for girls, so when boys wear it, they will be described as “very girly”.

But in the seventies, many American men liked to go out in shorts. They love Cropped Tops and Super Shorts, which make it easier for them to move and make them feel more comfortable, which is a common style of dressing.

So, as long as you want to try ultra-shorts yourself, you can wear them well and go out without caring too much about other people’s eyes. For example, using a loose top to create overall comfort can weaken the visual sense of pants.

Or use color matching to make the overall outfit look more trendy, at this time going out is completely a street show, passers-by will only say: you dare to wear, and will wear ~

▼ Cropped pants

Quartered pants are knee-length shorts and are the most common and widely accepted length in summer. The cropped pants are comfortable and cool to wear, and there are many ways to wear them.

You can simply match it with a floral shirt to make the outfit delicate and colorful.

Or wear it with a T-shirt and layer a waistcoat to add layers to your outfit.

Wear it directly with a T-shirt and sneakers.

▼ Cropped pants

The cropped pants are positioned below the knee, which is the perfect length for Japanese wear. Loose and comfortable, it is also a must-have length of pants in summer.

Cropped pants are also the length that best defines the shape of the leg. If your leg shape is not straight, then this length can perfectly cover the shortcomings of the leg shape.

Are there so many other classifications of shorts?

In addition to being divided into different types according to length, shorts can also be subdivided into many types according to different materials to create different dressing styles. Summer shorts are not too few, and you can try every style.

▼ Jeans

Korean teenagers must have denim shorts, whether you wear them with sweatshirts, sweaters, or the simplest T-shirt, denim shorts can give people a sense of teenage warmth.

▼ Cargo pants

An evergreen on trend, cargo pants never go out of style. If you want to create a Japanese outfit or a City Boy feel, then cargo pants are definitely the most suitable style.

▼ Suit pants

The suit pants make people very capable as soon as they are put on the body, and the blazer is even more clean and trendy, very literary boys.

▼ Outdoor pants

Outdoor activities, which have been popular in recent years, have also brought outdoor outfits. The best thing about outdoor shorts is its waterproofness, the special material is not only suitable for outdoor use, even in daily life will increase the sense of trend.

▼ Sweatpants

Sports shorts are the representative of the comfort school, and they are basically a piece for everyone. It can be worn daily or during sports, which is very casual.

This summer has quietly passed, is the ultimate trick to becoming a hipster in 2022 super shorts? Choose your favorite shorts and wear them in the style you like!

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