The new Chinese style that makes you fall in love at first sight, I don’t believe it just because I haven’t met it

The new Chinese style is more than the Chinese style, adding some modern fashion elements, that is, inheriting Chinese culture, but also keeping up with the changes of the times, the case shared today will show you a different new Chinese style.

On the left side of the entrance is the living room, on the right side is the dining room, and the entrance setting is replaced by a cultural brick end scene, and a Chinese-style strip is decorated with a plum.

The design of the living room is relatively weak, but the color matching is very eye-catching. Wall wallpaper, paint, flooring, furniture, are all natural and comfortable series. It turns out that as long as you follow the heart, the Chinese style can also be very fresh.

The beige cushioned Chinese-style sofa and ink painting cushions fit the calm and restrained temperament pursued by the owner. Bright yellow cushions and inches of gold decorate the entire space, enhancing the brightness of the interior

Solid wood frame fabric sofa, with ink style pillows, the shape on the background wall echoes the entrance scene, the two hanging paintings on the plum pattern wallpaper are also very thoughtful, and the circular design in the square border suggests the meaning of the round place. The lamp base of the table lamp resembles a Chinese porcelain vase, echoing the yellow pillows, which is both classical

The designer repeated the shape of the end scene in an orderly manner on the sofa background, and the plum blossom dotted wallpaper and bird decoration echoed the TV background in color and theme.

The TV background hides the bedroom door, the middle is paved with a whole flower and bird wallcover, the TV cabinet made of solid wood has the quaint sense of Ming and Qing dynasty furniture, and a decorative disc is placed on it, a vase on the right, lavender, and spring flowers in the foreground of the lens, intertwining the atmosphere of early spring.

In order to maintain maximum lighting, ventilation and visual space, the entrance is not deliberately set up, but replaced by a Chinese model, interior cultural brick end scene. With a just right Chinese strip, blooming plum in a celadon bottle, and a calm and restrained cultural stone, it will invisibly attract your attention.

The bedside background of the master bedroom echoes the background of the sofa in the living room, but there is no Chinese atmosphere of the living room, and the curtains of broken flowers, white flowing yarn, dressers, and hanging cabinets are all somewhat fresh and idyllic, but the decoration of the bedside background wall with birds standing on branches is still very Chinese.

“The innocence of childhood, the color of youth”. In the boys’ room in this case, the designer made full use of the concept of “colorful”, using the three colors of “blue, blue and yellow” to create a dynamic and vigorous interior space.

The new solid wood furniture has a rounded shape and is more environmentally friendly. If there are not enough books on the shelf, you have to move to the cabinet under the bay window on the right, or buy him another bookcase later.

Compared with the living room and dining room, the design of the kitchen is much simpler, and the L-shaped cabinet design retains enough space for movement. Aluminum gusset ceilings and tile-mounted floor walls are all considered to be resistant to oil smoke. The metal shelf on one side is designed for easy access.

The kitchen is made of antique bricks and waistline in a Chinese style. Paired with oak-colored cabinets, the originally narrow space is visually widened. On the other side, there is a bar counter against the wall, so you can prepare dishes or have a simple meal.

Dry and wet partitions are used, one is to allow the owner to use the space more reasonably, and the other is to make the visual buffer from the dining room to the bathroom. The dry area uses a unique stone basin with copper taps. The material of the local space fits the atmosphere of the entire room. Brown glass bricks take into account the lighting problem in dry areas. The design of the mirror cabinet frees up the countertops and makes the space more neat and clear.