Li Ning new shoes collection! These 5 models have good appearance performance, and they will soon catch up with Adi and Nike

I have to say that Li Ning’s position in the shoe circle in recent years is really not to be underestimated, once always with Adi, Nike as the “first brother”, now China Li Ning has also begun to rise, on the appearance and performance is not bad at all!

In this issue, I will plant 5 new Li Ning shoes for everyone, and friends who like it remember to collect~

01, Li Ning Sonic Speed 10 “Bloom”

“Cherry blossoms” has always been a popular color of Li Ning sneakers, and the sonic 10 “Bloom” released this time is based on the theme of cherry blossom color matching, the overall upper is decorated with pink, and the green is partially embellished to create a fresh and natural visual sense, but also adds a bit of romantic atmosphere, which is very suitable for spring wear.

The details are also ingenious, and the decorative cherry blossom pattern highlights the theme color matching; The technology content is even more surprising, cushioning and non-slip, not only has a high value, the performance is also very good, wearing to play basketball is simply amazing!

02, Li Ning 1990 x PIERRE HARDY

Li Ning and PIERRE HARDY jointly create casual shoes, based on the 1990’s design, and Hermès designer Pierre Hardy personally operated, the overall use of color-block design, and decorative check elements embellishment, set off a full retro feeling, at a glance is the feeling of a big brand~

03, Li Ning Yunyou “Green Special Edition”

Li Ning Yunyou series attracted much attention as soon as it was exposed at the end of last year, especially Yunyou shoes became a “popular model”. The new color scheme “Green Special Edition” brought this time, the striking fluorescent green tone has a spring atmosphere, and wearing it is sure to attract countless eyes.

The upper of the shoe adopts a long plush design, and the overall look is cute and fashionable; The thick outsole has an excellent height increase effect, so small people can wear it without stress. It is worth mentioning that this green special edition also adds a luminous design, which can sparkle in the dark, it is simple!

04, Soulland x Li Ning slippers

Although Li Ning’s co-branded slippers have been questioned, many netizens said that it borrowed Yeezy’s inspiration. But take a closer look, the overall design is more simple, solid color base without any element decoration, stylish and versatile. Although it is an anti-season item for autumn and winter 2022, it is still very popular!

05, Li Ning “bread shoes”

Li Ning’s “bread shoes” weakened the logo design, which is simple but not lacking in design.

The upper is made from leather, suede and nylon mesh, and the multi-material panels enhance the texture of the shoe for a stylish and personal feel.

Equipped with Light Form technology, it has excellent cushioning effect to meet the needs of daily sports; The outsole and heel are also equipped with TPU blessings to improve the stability of the shoes and look more personal in appearance.

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