Interview with | Deng Shenwei, founder of Red Valley: clarify the business model and develop brand culture

Text / Interface Sichuan Xu Liandi

The land of heaven and thousands of miles has given birth to a splendid commercial civilization. Sichuan businessmen, one of the three ancient business gangs, are bravely standing at the forefront of economic change, and one by one Sichuan businessmen representatives are writing a new chapter of the times and showing the spirit of Sichuan businessmen.

Deng Shenwei, a native of Zigong Fushun County, Sichuan Province, is the executive vice president of the Sichuan Chamber of Commerce and the chairman of Honggu Shangpin Group Co., Ltd. At the age of 14, he left home to work, picked river sand, moved bricks, opened a rent, sold roast duck, ran a restaurant… He worked his way up and founded Red Valley in 2002. Since then, the group has become a professional leather goods company with brand operation and brand promotion.

In recent years, Deng Shenwei returned to his hometown to start a business, brought the advanced management experience and technology of Guangzhou coastal back to Sichuan, developed commercial investment, real estate, cultural tourism, cultural and creative sectors, and completed the upgrading and transformation of diversified groups from a single leather goods business to investment in commercial operations, education industries and park operations, making Honggu Shangpin Group one of the outstanding national enterprises with great development potential in China.

Deng Shenwei has always insisted on giving back to his hometown and giving back to his hometown, and has successively won the honorary titles of the 9th National Entrepreneurship Star, the 7th and 8th Sichuan Entrepreneurship Star, the Sichuan Province Return to Hometown Entrepreneurship Star, and the Sichuan Province Hometown Entrepreneurship Demonstration Enterprise. In the past 17 years, Honggu has dared to fight hard and have traveled all over the motherland, and now it has entered overseas markets, emerging in Thailand, Dubai, Myanmar and the United States.

On June 26, the 2019 Tianfu Forum, hosted by the Sichuan Chamber of Commerce, with the theme of “Business Vitality • Original Intention and Transmutation – Striving Together with the Times”, invited guests from all walks of life in politics, business and academia to pay attention to business vitality and firmly explore the business road of forging ahead with the country and developing together with the new era.

As the strategic cooperation media of this forum, Interface Sichuan has specially planned a series of interviews and reports with Sichuan Chamber of Commerce, trying to explore the continuation of business vitality through in-depth dialogue with Sichuan entrepreneurs.

Understand the business development model and pass on the initial key elements

Interface Sichuan: The theme of this Sichuan Chamber of Commerce Forum is business vitality, in your opinion, what is the current business vitality?

Deng Shenwei:

First of all, we must understand the business model of our own enterprise, that is, the profit model, and make it sustainable. At the same time, it is necessary to establish your own corporate culture. An enterprise with both a profit model, sustainable development motivation, and corporate culture can fully demonstrate the vitality of the business and maintain its vitality and vitality forever. Honggu has been committed to building an international brand operation platform, and through strategic direction, operation model and profitability, continuous innovation and exploration, upgrade the “Honggu” brand method, so that the enterprise can achieve sustainable development.

Interface Sichuan: In this forum, it was mentioned that it is necessary to maintain the original intention and embrace changes. What kind of business intention have you maintained, and how have you responded to the changes in the times and markets under the background of the new economy?

The true original intention contains many elements, such as seriousness, diligence, innovation, etc. At different stages of development, enterprises should adjust their working methods in time to adapt to the development of the times. Maintaining and inheriting the original intention of business is a good attitude for our company to stand at the forefront of the times and embrace future changes.

In the future, Honggu will continue to innovate and create culture in terms of brands, products and models; Continue to cultivate Honggu brands and products, so that Honggu will become a leading brand in the industry and a century-old brand of national leather goods, thereby promoting the development of China’s leather goods industry.

Focus on brand quality culture and carry out appropriate diversified development

Interface Sichuan: Honggu Shangpin Group has now laid out leather goods brand operation, e-commerce field, commercial property, hotel operation, private education and other industries through wholly-owned, shareholding and holding forms, which industries and fields will it have high hopes for in the future?

Enterprises have different choices at different stages of development, but the main business is very important. On the basis of our main business, we will integrate external resources and appropriately diversify across borders.

At present, Honggu Shangpin has achieved the forefront and benchmark in the leather goods industry, and we must continue to maintain the brand advantage of the main business and develop diversification appropriately. At the same time, according to the changes in the external business environment to determine the internal development direction of our company, sort out or adjust the corporate strategy, and continue to strengthen our brand.

Interface Sichuan: In the market environment of world economic integration and the rise of the Internet economy, how do you think entrepreneurs should promote social business health and assume more social responsibilities?

The first is to operate their own enterprises well, achieve sustainable development, and at the same time infect and influence a group of entrepreneurs, and everyone jointly creates value for the society, which is the greatest social responsibility. The second is to create your own brand culture. While doing a good job in our own business, we will inspire and pass on the entrepreneurial spirit of being positive, fearless of hardships and dangers and brave to the new generation of young people.

Diligence and wisdom achieve the spirit of Sichuan businessmen, find the correct positioning and embrace the development of the times

Interface Sichuan: As one of the three major merchant gangs in ancient times, Sichuan merchants also created the myth of wealth in the rich world. As an outstanding representative of Sichuan businessmen, what do you think is the essence of Sichuan businessmen’s spirit?

Sichuanese people are hardworking and shrewd, but there are also some problems. As Sichuan businessmen, we must carry forward the tenacious spirit of Sichuan troops fighting wars in the past and Sichuan people going out to work and do business, and at the same time, we must turn business thinking into great wisdom with a mind, a pattern and a responsibility. Diligence and wisdom will make Sichuan businessmen with thought, ability and culture.

Interface Sichuan: As a Sichuan businessman who has built a group enterprise, what advice do you have for the new generation of entrepreneurs under the new economic form?

There is no distinction between old and new ideas in this world and society, and every day the sun is new. For the new generation of entrepreneurs, every era, there will be opportunities in each era, and I hope that the new generation of entrepreneurs will grasp the opportunities of the current era and strive to explore the entrepreneurial opportunities of this era. At the same time, we should also actively give back to society.

Interface Sichuan: This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. How do you feel as a witness and participant in the economic development of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China?

During the 70 years of national development and construction, there was a moment of rapid economic growth, and there were also reversals or downturns.

In the current economic environment, entrepreneurs face a lot of specific business pressures. This requires us to actively respond to new challenges and opportunities, face pressure with an optimistic attitude, and establish an entrepreneurial spirit. I believe that through everyone’s joint efforts, China’s economy will usher in a new round of growth.

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