True to see the world, in autumn and winter, we will wear leggings, see Chen Dong Qing know

The cold autumn and winter is coming, open the wardrobe, full of coat and leggings, leggings are comfortable, plus velvet thickening, resist cold, the most important thing is to match, wear coats, cotton clothes with pants, Simple, clean and neat. But women who really have seen world, do not wear leggings in autumn and winter.

Whether it is skin tone or black leggings, it is more elastic, it is very close, and it is unfriendled for women who are thick and leg-type. In addition, wearing a pressure-proof leggings for a long time, it will oppress blood circulation, which is not good for the body. Everyone can see the number of Chen Qi and Dong Qing’s wear, do not wear leggings, warm and elegant.

Basic article – elegant match for autumn and winter


1, suits, maintain the image of the practice

1 Selection:


Women who have seen worlds prefer the whole set of suit, the set is smoked, and the color is perfect from the color to the material, wear more advanced. Going to work in commute, indigo, black, camel, etc. Surprising suit will be more suitable, the hue is maturing, very elite temperament.


2 match:

The west is more elegant, highlighting the slender neck, seeing more temperament, if you think that the single wears a suit is not warm enough, you can add coats, windbreaker and other contour coats,

Increase warmth by using the stacked manner

But pay attention to keep your suit, the light feeling, the neint thus thick, avoid bloating.

2, how to wear elegance and temperament in autumn and winter coat


1 pay attention to the tight contrast

The coat has a profile, clear contour, smooth line, especially straight version of coat, strong inclusive, and slightly fat woman wear. This profile jacket should pay attention to the tight contrast, such as a tired sweater, bottom shirt,

Create an intimate feeling in the upper body

It is best to choose the darkness of the dark, highlight the sense of contraction, more slim. You can also try to match the pants, increase the loose comparison, focus on the thin legs, and look more high.


Demonstration: dark coat, pants + small white shoes

Direct version of small black pants, maximum inclusive leg shortcomings, appears that the legs are thin and long. The upper body with the design of the design, the fabric is thick, the pattern is simple and retro, and it is very practiced. However, the overall coloring is dull, and it is also very reduced by a small white shoe.

2 protruding the fabric muscle


Strengthen advanced sense

Cashmere coat> Double woolen coat> Woolen coat

, The fabric of the coat is very important, and the textured material will be more advanced, and it is well managed. If you don’t consider the budget, wear cashmere coats. The material is fine and soft, the hand feels well, the ball is small, the static electricity is small, and the autumn and winter is very valid. On the other hand, pay attention to the overall fabric selection.


Suitable suit or hard jeans will be better


Avoid soft collapse.

Demonstration: Cashmere + Suit, Cowboy

The group of Chen Di is very warm, and the item used is more, but it does not feel bloated. The cashmere coat is thin and warm, compared with the inner west wear, which seems to be more type, straight jeans from color to fabric with coat manufacturing layers.

The lining is thin and high.

Fabric contrast formula: soft + hard, gloss + simple, texture + fine sense

Advanced articles – play color matching, occupying bright colors of autumn and winter

(1) Tongzhao is matched, highlighting the sense of the atmosphere

Whenever, the same color matching is the most inconsistent color color, combined with the single item up and down, increase the integrity, maintain the overall contour, make it more advanced. Avoid a black, although it is not chasing, but slightly old, testing the bottom, easy to make mistakes, you can try it, a blue, with a light-color feeling, more young.

Tongzhao is mixed with tips

Skill 1: Skinish, more light

The same color is mixed, and it is very bright in front of the color, and if you join some skin care design, it will appear more tap. For example, the extracellular woman can try a skirt + pointed shoes, expose an ankle and foot back, extend the lower body ratio, look the legs and thin.

The upper body is fat, wearing the clothes of the big neckline, the larger the neckline, the lower the beginning, the more you can draw the sight, and it is more bone.

Tips 2: Popular Elements + Basic Edition


Tongue is a bit less than a sense of fashion, and the tones are single, although elegant atmosphere, but not bright enough. Everyone is looking at it,


Add some fashionable elements to the same color, more atmosphere

. For example, the same color is mixed with the same color, khali-shaped skirt with the card, the color circle base top, khaki laying the retro Yindun atmosphere, the top of the popular leopard pattern, suddenly pulled fashion, Look at the ocean.

Tips 3: Add accessories, enhance the sense of modeling

In the autumn and winter, wearing a scarf, the hat, in addition to keeping warm, can also be concave, but must avoid “mother’s” woolen hat and big scarf, the ocean Berret, the cashmere shawl is the best choice for elegant women. The hat is very practical, while it can also increase the level.

Weakening the single color matching single


Worried about the fat woman chooses the chain and earrings, the small and exquisite jewelry, which woman does not love? This year, a lot of jewelery, dignified atmosphere, can also modify face, you can try more.


(2) Small area bright color is embellished


In the autumn and winter, wear deep colors, warm colors, watching more warm, but also wear some bright colors, using small-scale bright colors, which is more young. For example, the number of Chen Dynamic winds, black is the main color, with red white striped shirt,


Use small red to increase fashion

Breaking the depression of autumn and winter. In addition, the red white vertical stripes have a depth ratio, the interval is just right, and the width of the shoulder is contracted, and the lining is more delicate.

The skin is not white, worried that you can’t control color, bright, you can choose the color bag, let color and bright colors away from the main item, just some of the skin.

But pay attention to choose high-grade textured colors

Such as wine red, olive green, brown yellow, treasure blue, high saturation, low brightness, take the temperament, high quality!


: The leather material bag is more textured, and the shape is more classic and more, it is not considered, can be closed.


This fall is not wearing leggings, not elegant and not fashionable, and women who have seen world have long been wear. Everyone can try today, the number of Chen and Dong Qing’s match, elegant and generous, very suitable for middle-aged women.