Sweater skirts are too suitable for wearing in winter, gentle and elegant and feminine, exquisite and elegant

Many people’s attitude towards dressing is like a lone soul who is unwilling to bow his head.

The awakening of American businessmen is a good thing, which proves that you have been able to judge what clothing is more able to set off your dusty temperament through your own conditions.

Autumn and winter wear is mainly comfortable and generous, and when everyone is wearing thick, you need to use light colors as an advantage, and the rate of return will be invisibly improved.

After that, consider the cutting texture of the clothes, and wear according to these two points, you can better find your own style positioning.

Let’s analyze it together!

Matching idea 1: light-colored long sweater dress

In order to be able to win a lot easily, girls must choose styles that make themselves impeccablely beautiful.

In addition, you also need to use more snacks in the details to make your advantages more prominent.

Light colors are a good choice to make fairies look more colorful. A dress with a high saturation may seem ordinary, but it is easy to show the stunning of the gentle goddess.

The whole body is a little plain in light colors, so girls must choose a suitable shoe, knight boots or booties are very big heroine, and with a delicate square bag can hold the overall image.

Matching idea 2: Super sexy black tight dress

Black tight-fitting dress with stockings and booties is the outfit that many celebrities or bloggers will choose. At first glance, it looks very sexy, very prominent figure, and belongs to a stunning outfit. The dress is chosen to the thigh-length style, which is relatively younger. This outfit is simply perfect for going out on a date, and whoever wears it looks good.

In addition, the bag must choose a light-colored style, which looks softer, if you choose a dark-colored style, plus the whole black, it will look more old-fashioned, and the fairies simply wear a long hair is very beautiful.

When fairies go out on a date or travel, the daily wear arrangement of this set is directly sealed, the overall clothing texture is very good, it looks very preppy, remember that the shoes must choose a not too bulky, otherwise it will be lost to everyone.

Matching idea 3: wide gray sweater + long-legged boots

The three colors of black, white and gray are simply classic for daily wear, gray not only looks white, but also has a special sense of premium, girls must try it. However, gray is somewhat dull compared to light colors, so it is necessary to put your hair down to create an image of long hair fluttering, which is more feminine.

The way to match the missing bottoms is a good choice, with the help of sexy hot pants, you can give yourself a mature and confident and cool style. It is recommended to wear it with a pair of black long, platform boots that not only increase height, but also make your body more upright and easily shape the temperament of the school goddess.

If you want to be more Han Fan, the belt can increase the atmosphere and elegance, but it should be noted that girls with apple bodies are best to choose a shiny belt style to make people’s visual attention shift to the legs.

The choice of bag accessories is also very important, many girls will choose mini bags, in fact, it looks a little mature and old-fashioned, carrying a shoulder bag is more fashionable, the school goddess must try a bright color bag, echoing the shiny belt, so that you can have a bright feeling.

Well, the dress analysis of this issue is here, if there are more doubts about dressing, you can take a look at my analysis Oh~

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