Check elements are worn on the body, showing the freshness of literature and art

Check jacket + turtleneck sweater + slacks

Shoes: Smiley white casual shoes

Confucian literary style, elegant and fresh, with superb artistic achievements. It would be easier for us to understand separately, Confucian, according to the Chinese Dictionary: “One refers to profound knowledge, and the other refers to gentle and elegant.” “These two solutions are actually causal relationships with each other, and only with profound knowledge can we truly be gentle and elegant; And gentle and elegant is an external manifestation of profound knowledge. Literature and art, with the creation of literature and art, sometimes referred to as literature or performing arts, is the refinement, sublimation and expression of people’s lives. Top cotton check collar thick cotton clothing, Scottish check gray, white, brown, dark brown four colors fusion, just right, no sense of clutter, check to enhance the overall temperament and elegance played a certain role, while integrating the splicing stripe design, will also look extraordinary; Wear a black turtleneck sweater underneath, black slacks on the bottom, and a black combination of underwear and pants to highlight the beauty of the coat, and choose a pair of retro and worn smiley little white shoes, brown sole and white bevel, complement the coat.

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