Li Yuchun Lingge split hip knitted skirt, so beautiful to wear, ordinary people can’t hold it

“Hello, everyone, I’m Sister Cat, it’s a pleasure to meet you again!”

There are many items in autumn and winter, among which the more popular items of various fashion bloggers and fashionable people have to say knitted skirts. Knitted skirts as a must-have fashionable item for autumn and winter, its

Warmth, wearing comfort including style

All are very superior, with unique advantages. Its texture is knitted and interspersed, and the stitching method is mostly tight stitches, so the warmth is not said~

The knitted skirt brings a touch of comfort to the heavy and dry autumn and winter, and the slightly slim style shows the curvy figure of women, which is strongly sought after by many women. Some time ago, Li Yuchun wore a split hip knitted skirt with a diamond pattern to outline his slim body. Wearing it like this is simply beautiful, the average person


Can’t. So in this issue, Sister Cat will talk about knitted skirts with everyone!

This issue contains a small table of contents

1. Analysis of Li Yuchun’s styling and dressing

2. How to create a beautiful and fashionable knitted skirt look

3. Fashionable matching of knitted skirts

First, Li Yuchun’s styling analysis

The knitted knitted skirt has strong warmth performance, and the full-area diamond print pattern is used on it for embellishment, so that the overall look becomes eye-catching and follows the outfit

“No more than three colors”

‘s law, the diamond pattern on it uses red, blue and white interwoven to create a stylish styling style. The design of the long skirt is fast to the ankle, which is very testing the height, and it is not easy to be controlled by a certain size, and it will be easily affected by the visual impact of large-area printing, and the overall wearing effect is bloated and cumbersome, and it is really difficult~

Li Yuchun’s linger knitted skirt is really fashionable, with a thin waist and long legs, which is simply a walking hanger.

Second, how to create a beautiful and fashionable knitted skirt shape

There are many styles and versions of knitted skirts, and many girls feel that it is too difficult to control their figures, and they have “lying thunder” after trying. So how can a knitted dress that looks stylish and delicate create a good and stylish look? Sister Cat has sorted out several precautions and details, let’s take a look together!

Detail 1. Add element patterns appropriately

Knitwear reflects more gentle and elegant French romantic style, especially the solid color knitted skirt is an interpretation of the delicate sense of the little woman, want to different styles or express their own personality of the knitted skirt, you can choose the appropriate style of adding element patterns, if it is a large area of adding element patterns, such styles are quite picky about the figure and appearance, if you are confident in yourself you can try it ~ Appropriate addition can choose a simple decoration style,

It not only breaks the monotony but also increases the eye-catching index

Detail 2: Choose a style with a sense of design

You can choose a knitted skirt with a stronger sense of design, appropriate skin exposure treatment, especially a solid color knitted skirt without decorative embellishments, the whole wrap appears too dull, slightly “old” and “mature”, the appropriate skin exposure will break the sense of depression, there is a sense of “opening the clouds and seeing the moon”. For example, a split design or a bare ankle and leg design can be used, and it will also complement the slender legs.

Details 3. Slightly fat, do not choose a slim style

Although the slim knitted skirt cut can easily outline the perfect body curve, it is really a girl with a better figure can easily control, there is no need to entangle the style at all, and the body can highlight the curve in whatever you wear. However, the slightly fat girl recommends not choosing a slim style, it is easy to show its own excess meat, resulting in an embarrassing scene of excess meat. You can choose a style with a strong sense of design, which can play a good role in hiding meat.

Third, the fashionable matching of knitted skirts

LOOK1. Knitted skirt + leather heels

The light coffee-colored knitted skirt is gentle and idyllic, with a French street style, and it is easy to control if the skin is not very picky. The V-neck design extends the neck line, revealing a small career line to show the unique style of women. In order to emphasize the waist line and avoid this length small man wearing short, the waist has added a leather wide belt design that just echoes the leather high heels on the feet, both the ability and generosity of the workplace, and the fashionable elegance of the street, can be easily controlled~

LOOK2. Knitted skirt + small leather shoes

The light gray knitted skirt has a preppy style, and the solid color knitted skirt is a bit monotonous, in order to alleviate this dullness, a floral shirt is layered inside, and the college age-reducing atmosphere is overwhelmed. The hem uses a pleated design to modify the leg line, and the skin-revealing design plays the same role, and small women are not afraid ~ The small leather shoes on the feet are simply that

“Age Reduction Artifact”

Wear it with a preppy knit skirt for sweet and fashionable.

There are many styles of knitted skirts, each showing a different style, so do you remember the tips for wearing knitted skirts? Well, the content of this issue is shared here, let’s see you in the next issue.

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