Dong Xuan’s daughter Dimples specifically picks the advantages of her parents, and she wears a blue dress that is cute and sweet, really playful

Although Dong Xuan and Gao Yunxiang’s divorce have made a lot of noise, Dong Xuan has still been active in everyone’s attention in recent years, especially her daughter

Small dimples

is also with her outstanding appearance has attracted a lot of people’s attention, although the dimples are still very small, but her high appearance and good temperament still inherit her mother’s, this time with a romantic one

Blue dress


Cute and sweet

It’s like a little fairy.

Dong Xuan’s daughter’s collocation:

Blue puffy dress

As can be seen from the photo of the dimple, her outfit this time is very suitable for her actual age,

The blue puffy dress is cute and sweet

, coupled with the loose hem of the dress, so it will create a very

romantic atmosphere,

It immediately highlights the young girl’s

cute temperament,

And this blue is also a very romantic color, compared to those bells and whistles of red and purple,

Blue gives a fresher and more natural feeling

, also very suitable for summer, visually look also

Very age-reducing

, this blue dress worn on the little dimple body, just let hers

The spirit of temperament is reflected,

It’s really beautiful!

Layer over a denim jacket

There are also many ways to match dresses, like this one

A blue puffy dress is paired with a blue denim jacket

, can also be created


And casual denim jackets are added

Cool style

, and cute dresses can also create a stylistic contrast.

Matching of flat shoes

Because of their age, most of the children wear them


, but this time the flat shoes with dimples are still very bright, the white and blue gradients are very dazzling, and the color of the dress is also very dazzling

formed an echo,

And the flats step on the foot,

Comfortable and natural

, with a dress can also create a casual temperament, very suitable for daily life.

Various combinations of dimples

(1) Fashionable dresses

The little dimple looks cute,

Delicate facial features

, and the eyes are big and round, wearing a cute white dress is particularly flexible and flowing, this white dress can make hers

Cute temperament and fashion sense

Showed, outstanding charm, with curly hair style, fluffy hair volume makes people have to envy, really Dong Xuan’s daughter.

Dimples loved it

White dress,

And most will have one

Set the design

, such as the combination of the white dress she matched underneath

Fluffy skirt, cute and sweet

, the cutout cut on the sleeve is also possible

Accentuate the sense of design

, thus breaking the dullness and appearing very personal.

Red vintage-inspired dress

It can also show the other side of the dimple, and she has a high ball head, especially spirited, playful and cute, and the red dress will not feel cumbersome at all, but very fresh.

Black Martin boots under the feet can be added

, and can also be able to appear longer and thinner legs through Martin boots, not only little girls, mature young sisters can usually learn from Martin boots.

Young little sisters should try more

A combination of bright colors

, especially for little sisters of this age like Dimples, you can try more yellow or red dresses, this yellow dress is special for her

Gentle and romantic

, and full of energy, really cute.

Paired with gold sandals under the feet, the highlight is full, and

The design of the slotted strap

Relatively fresh and suitable for hot summer days.

(2) Casual style matching

The combination of shorts and small white shoes is also quite classic, and small dimples are chosen

A white denim jacket paired with denim shorts

, I didn’t expect it to look quite cool, and the little white shoes and blue socks under my feet are even more fashionable, and I don’t feel old-fashioned at all.

Denim clothing is very classic, you can try it for all ages, you can also learn from it.

A pure white T-shirt paired with blue jeans is also good

Simple and casual

This kind of outfit is suitable for most occasions and can show the youthful side!

The small dimples are also paired with small white shoes, which look very simple and can guarantee the whole match


, you guys go and try it.

The appearance of the dimple is still quite outstanding, now she is so good at dressing, she will definitely be a beauty when she grows up, I hope she will bring us more exquisite looks in the future.

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Dong Xuan’s daughter Dimples specifically picks the advantages of her parents, and she wears a blue dress that is cute and sweet, really playful

Cool style