Little white shoes are out of fashion! This year’s popular “black boots”, wearing a sense of premium, looking tall and thin

Spring is coming, and it’s time to change seasons, girls who love beauty can’t wait to start adding beautiful clothes and shoes to their wardrobes, and girls who can wear them can always choose clothes that suit them according to their body and temperament.

But for ordinary girls, want to wear a sense of premium, tall and thin reference star dress is a simple way not easy to step on thunder, in addition to clothing, it is recommended that you avoid the already unpopular small white shoes, because it is too ordinary, you may wish to change to this year’s popular black boots, really good-looking!

Wear 1: leather black boots + leggings + blazer

The length and material of the boots determine the style of the overall clothing, like this leather mid-tube boot will be a more fashionable style, plus the design of the front lace, and there is a touch of handsome neutral style, and the style of the lace is still friendly to girls with thick calves, and the elasticity can be adjusted at will.

Longer boots go well with pants, and you can just take out a pair of black leggings from the closet to match them stylishly.

Wearing a black suit above, becoming fashionista in seconds, the design of the waist slim will highlight the curve of the S-shape, making you look thin several pounds at once, I have to say that Yuan Shanshan’s pure black match, really full of caution, that is, fashionable and versatile, but also thin and advanced.

Wear 2: Long black boots + skinny jeans + long jacket

If you have a good figure like Yang Mi, don’t waste it, even if your facial features are not so delicate, through good-looking clothing, highlight the highlights of your figure, and you can also enhance your temperament and appearance.

Yang Mi’s long boots match, just looking at the overall shape is very atmospheric, fabric boots with tight jeans, to a greater extent show Yang Mi’s good figure.

The inner layer and long jacket on top are also very careful, the inner layer and boots are black, and the main color of the jacket and jeans are the same blue, creating a uniform style up and down.

The white irregular pattern increases the color of the overall outfit, in line with the rule of no more than three colors of the whole body, chaotic and orderly, in line with the public’s color aesthetics, worthy of the goddess of dressing, really can wear.

Wear 3: black high heeled boots + small black pants + short jacket

Tall girls can easily handle long boots, and for short girls, overly long boots are not very friendly and will reduce the proportion of the figure.

At this time, you may wish to learn the matching of the small fashion elf prince, wear a pair of high-heeled boots with small black pants, high heels to enhance the temperament and show high, is an indispensable shoe for small girls.

Tight little black pants upper body is full of comfort, the key black is one of the thinnest colors, the upper body and then wear a short jacket, can maximize the effect of showing the length of the legs, the head must be knitted hat, full of fashion, small girls can learn!

Wear 4: platform black boots + dress

Black boots not only look good with pants, but also with a dress, and in the upcoming spring, a denim one-piece denim skirt with a pair of thick-soled black boots like Yang Zi is also fashionable.

The denim dress is very tolerant and friendly to slightly fat girls, adding a belt in the middle can make your body proportion closer to three or seven points, long-legged girls can wear a pair of high-top boots like Yang Zi, and girls with insufficient height can wear short boots, which will still be very versatile and fashionable.

Dress summary: Black boots are versatile and not easy to make mistakes, and do not pick on body size and age

Black boots and small white shoes will be more fashionable than the little white shoes, it and the little white shoes have the advantage of versatility and not picky, the same clothing with black boots will have more sense of premium.

But with small white shoes will be more ordinary and casual, if you don’t know the skills of dressing, you can learn the above sets of star outfits, not only can wear a sense of premium, but also wear a tall and thin effect!