Gloves are such a thing, of course, to look good ducks!

In winter, there is nowhere to put your cold little hands, so choose a beautiful glove to give it warm care!

Open your mouth and bite you!

Funny little crocodile gloves

Super cute super nice three-dimensional cartoon gloves are like wearing a cute doll on your hand. Super intimate halter neck design, little confused people don’t have to worry about losing it. Rush the duck, open your mouth to bite the handsome little brother’s hand, and never let go~

Plush warmth

Japanese rabbit fur gloves

I like stuffy stuff the most in winter, it gives a very warm feeling. The 5 colors are very good to match the clothes, Xiao Pu highly recommends light gray and light khaki, wearing it is probably Miss Wen You’s own!

Every finger is warm

Suede touch screen gloves

With a faux suede surface, plush lining, plush cuffs and a touchscreen on the right index finger, it’s all ready for the winter ahead. Surface dividing lines, including delicate printed small leather labels, visually reduce the sense of bulkiness, don’t be sluggish about everyday life, and keep you comfortable and warm all day long.

Put a small hat on your fingers

Thicken half-finger gloves

Half-finger gloves are really convenient, wearing the code word to work is not in the way, on the way to and from work, the “little hat” is buttoned up to turn into full-finger gloves, which is also very warm!

The cute girl loves card ventilation the most

Cute woolen gloves

The color scheme and pattern of this glove are also too kawaii, and each one is fried chicken loves! The woolen knit model is both comfortable and breathable, and the fingertips are also designed with a touch screen, which is really refreshing to brush the phone with gloves!

Wearing a driver’s hand is not cold

Leather fleece gloves

Drivers probably have this trouble in winter, and the hand holding the steering wheel is cold and cold! Driving is not suitable for wearing thick gloves, so why not try these lightweight leather gloves! The inner lining is lightly fleece, which is warm and comfortable.