Linghua really can wear it, a long down jacket with a black sweatshirt is simple and atmospheric, beautiful and generous

Seeing that the temperature is getting lower and lower, getting up has long become a difficult thing, not to mention going out, at this time there are many little fairies will be entangled in the outfit, how to wear to resist the erosion of cold air? Don’t worry, now let’s follow the legendary Linghua of the Phoenix to learn winter wear!

Since warmth is the first demand, then at this time the down jacket must have a name, down jacket has the advantages of light weight, soft and comfortable texture, good warmth effect, and breathable and dry, much better than cotton wool that is easy to loosen, but the down jacket because the material selection is more high-quality, so the cost of cleaning and care is relatively high.

Linghua chose an army-green long down jacket, the loose A-line fit is thin and good-looking, and the inclusiveness of the body is also particularly good, open and full of aura, pulling up the zipper vertical fit will make the body appear slender and slender, such a long down jacket is especially suitable for tall little fairies.

The choice of color is also very chic, breaking the common black-white-gray series in winter, and the army green is also easier to control, it is easy to look and match, and it looks good in black or light sweaters, but also very suitable for mixing and matching, not easy to make mistakes.

The inner layer chose a black sweater, a mid-length knitwear worn inside, even taking off a down jacket in a room with enough temperature is quite fashionable and generous, and there are some white lines on the knitwear to embellish, so that black is not too monotonous.

At the same time, the almighty black leggings have appeared again, needless to say, the black leggings are close to the body to keep warm, and perfectly modify the leg shape, and you can see Linghua’s slender and straight beautiful legs in every move, wearing high-barreled platform Martin boots, and making the overall look more fashionable and exquisite.

Because the whole color is chosen, Linghua cleverly chose a red unicorn hat to make the whole person look more spiritual, and also make the whole look more eye-catching. I don’t know if the little fairies still like the overall combination of Linghua? Next, I’m taking you to explore the same winter down jacket in depth…

→ black down jacket

Highlights: dirt resistant, thin and versatile

In fact, there are many types and colors of winter down jackets, but today I have chosen a simple and common black and white series of down jackets that are completely suitable for daily life, and I hope that all the little fairies can find a style that suits them.

The first is the black down jacket, the temperature is low in winter, do not like to wash clothes, do not like to change clothes often, no problem, black down jacket to save you, whether it is long or short, black whatever you make. So some people will say, how to wear the black of the dirt is not fashionable?

Looking at the outfits of various celebrities, you will find that black down jackets will try to choose a long style, and you must put a lot of effort into the inside. With a good-looking underwear, such as skinny knitwear ➕ wide-leg jeans, or white sweater ➕ black leggings, it will be more exciting and exciting.

Black and white matching is also a common way to wear, because the black down jacket is black in a large area, if you can add more white, the finishing shape will be more light and flowing, and as an enduring fashion outfit, black and white matching is also outdated.

→ white down jacket

Highlights: Clean and beautiful lining temperament

White as opposed to black, white down jacket is more fresh and vulgar in visual effect, showing temperament effect full score, and white is also particularly white, and the age-reducing effect is also leveraged!

The slim white down jacket with gray wide-leg sweaters has a warm effect visible to the naked eye, even in the Great Northeast, there is no better way to wear it! In this way, it will not appear fat, it will make the whole person look tall and thin, and the little fairies should quickly get the same outfit~

White down jacket can also be combined with sports style, white hooded sweatshirt ➕ purple sports trousers, casual sports sense, at this time white down jacket plays a good foil, completely did not take away the wonderfulness of the inside, the versatile function is really applauded.

I don’t know what the little fairies’ sharing evaluation of down jackets is today? Next time I have the opportunity, I will continue to share other colors and styles of down jackets, so stay tuned~

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