An air-conditioned blanket suitable for zero-based learning, simple and practical, friends have to learn it when they see it (illustrated tutorial)

Life is not all smooth sailing and occasionally gives us some trouble. But we will not be defeated, because we know that “the sun is always after the storm, and the rainbow will eventually be seen”!

No one’s life goes smoothly, so don’t be bothered by the worries in life, and deal with it positively! Everyone deals with worries differently, some choose sports, others like to do crafts, and I belong to the latter. I don’t know which way you will choose to decompress?

Just talked about my decompression method – handmade yarn crochet! So I crocheted the small waves I encountered in my life into a love ripple blanket, exhorting myself to be full of love for life, not afraid of the problems encountered next, and brewing every ordinary day into a rainbow!

All right! Today, I was so moved that I gave myself a bowl of “chicken soup” to drink. Now to get to the point, let’s learn to weave this love ripple double-sided blanket in the picture.

This blanket has three characteristics: 1. Double-sided pattern, bright color, through simple stitching, constitute a ripple pattern, rich and interesting colors, double-sided usable.

2. Dense, soft and practical

The stitching method is dense and soft, thick, can be used in all seasons, suitable for blankets, decorative blankets, and also as gifts.

3. The needle method is simple and easy to learn, and the difficulty is one star

To complete this blanket, you only need to repeat the crochet back and forth, learn the stitching method in the illustration, and novices can easily complete it.

This blanket is divided into 3 parts: color zone 1, solid color zone and color zone 2. Color 1 zone and color 2 zone need to change color crochet, the color is symmetrical and the crochet method is the same.

You have also noticed that this blanket has two colors, candy and rainbow, you can match the color according to your preference, you don’t have to crochet exactly according to the color in the picture, as long as you like it! The blanket in the picture uses a lock needle to raise 249 stitches, crocheting back and forth. If you want to adjust the size, the number of needles is a multiple of 12 plus 9 needles.

Next, the above illustrated tutorial is as follows:

Because the complete illustration is too large, only part of the illustration is shown in the text, omitting the repeated places, but the crochet needle method and the number of stitches are the same, corresponding to crochet! There are many stitches used in blankets, but many of them have been explained in detail in previous chapters, so I will not explain them this time! However, there are two stitches that have not appeared before, so I will explain them this time.

Short needle 1 needle put 3 needles: crochet 3 short needles in the same needle; The same is true for 1 long needle and 3 needles, which is also called adding needles in the same needle.

You can weave the bits and pieces of your life with yarn, which can not only relieve stress, but also release yourself! Therefore, when encountering troubles, we must face them positively, and we will eventually see hope!