Give the iPhone 12 a good partner, Baseus 20W super silicon charger review

As the flagship of the year, four new models of the iPhone 12 series have been launched worldwide. It has many upgrade points: support for 5G, a new look with right-angle bezels, full OLED, Magsafe 15W wireless charging, etc. I believe many people liked TOP and quickly launched this new machine with a lot of upgrades.

However, the iPhone 12 series also has many slots, such as “green screen door”, short peak times for Magsafe wireless charging, etc., and the slot that affects users the most is Cook cutting off “eco-friendly” standard equipment. protection”. Charger and headphones. Especially the charger, which overwhelms the average person: should you buy the official Apple 20W fast charger with a price of up to 149 yuan, or try to choose a charger with complex parameters to fit the iPhone 12?

Recently, TOP got a 20W super silicon charger from Baseus, which is suitable for the iPhone 12W fast charging standard and supports fast charging of devices from brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung; It uses super silicon material, compact structure, and weighs only 40 grams; It supports a wide voltage range of 110 to 240V, has versatility, and the official price is 49 yuan. Can it replace Apple’s original 20W charger?


The outer packaging of the Baseus 20W Super Silicon Charger is a classic design of Baseus, with a yellow and white color scheme with peripheral hooks for easy physical store shelf. The front of the box highlights the shape of the 20W, super silicon and charger body, which is still very comfortable overall.

Once opened, you will find that in addition to the compact charger, the warranty card and instruction card are stored in the envelope. Internet users in need can purchase their charger + charging cable kit, which will be equipped with a 1-meter Lightning to USB C charging cable.