Seriously| Gojo participated in the “Summer of Flip-flops”

The long-awaited “Summer of the Band 2” has finally started, and the first issue was fanned by five people, whether it is the mood to “change songs” or the humor during the interview, it reflects the grounding of the two.

The opening logo is a red plastic bag, let Ma Dong “call”, not very standard Mandarin all make everyone feel casual and grassroots, although unfortunately eliminated, but there is still a chance to be resurrected (everyone go to vote!). )

In particular, the flip-flops on Ah Mao’s feet that have not changed for 10,000 years have given the editor a grass. (Flower shirt, white pants with red flip-flops, there are a lot of highlight details, I don’t see that Ah Mao’s “boss” is quite fashionable under the appearance) Isn’t everyone’s favorite slippers in summer! What are the slippers with online appearance this year, listen to the editor sing to everyone and talk about it~

Legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford once wore Tkees flip-flops out on the street, and the animal-print dress was slightly sexy, while the matching flip-flops added a casual color.

Of course, the silk slip dress is cool, sexy and textured, if it feels too formal with sandals, it is better to try leather flip-flops, the same high-grade material conforms to the style of the whole set.

This year’s toe set can also be done! Compared with the basic flip-flops, there is a touch of design, and it can also look more casual with a suit and pipe pants.

Of course, the most compatible feeling with flip-flops has to be a holiday atmosphere such as picnics and the seaside. Put on a bikini, put on an oversized white shirt, step on flip-flops and relax.

After talking about ordinary flat-bottomed flip-flops, let’s take a look at the cat and the contestants. Since the cat heel shoes became popular, everything wants to rub its heat, even flip-flops.

Swedish brand Totême’s cat and flip-flops seem to be in the hands of the owner of the ins (do they have a group purchase?). But it has to be said that the slight height plus the ready-to-go allows it to hold all occasions. Matching a dress is a bit casual and sexy.

It’s also nice to wear with pants! (In short, it is versatile, do not accept rebuttal~)


Extra-long wide-leg pants cover a section of the foot, and shoes loom when walking, don’t mention how good-looking, who wears who knows~

There are also this cat and muller flip-flops, which are more convenient to walk than the thin strap model.

To say long, thick-bottomed flip-flops must also be on the list. Cool, convenient, heightened, the editor really can’t fault a little.

“America’s sweetheart” Aniston wore thick-soled flip-flops in the last century, and you say trendy is not fashionable. Paired with a basic tank top and wide-leg pants, this is the American chill.

It seems that because of the indoor need to take off shoes, many Korean bloggers will choose flip-flops in the summer, which naturally provides everyone with a dress template. Large area of white with a pair of black thick-soled flip-flops, simple and fashionable.

How else to say that black and white can never go wrong, despite wearing black long-sleeved trousers, flip-flops give the styling a lot of breath, and it’s also very matched.

In the hot summer, cool down your jiojio, prepare a few pairs of flip-flops, and cope with various occasions, even the simplest and most comfortable flip-flops, you have to spend a little careful thought~

Image source: Instagram/Weibo/Internet, invasion and deletion

Edited by Jing

Written by: SS