Shopping Guide to Fukuoka, Japan, what is worth buying + where to buy + how to get a tax refund

This year’s National Day went to South Korea and Japan, and others joked with me that you are going to crazy chopping places, it turns out that it is really the rhythm of buying and buying crazy, I don’t need to say how good Japan is, I came to Amway today in Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan.

It is a city known for ramen and shopping, shopping malls are mainly in Tenjin and Hakata, very concentrated, sweeping goods while you can also go to Yufuin and Beppu hot springs, and very importantly, there are no crowds of people in Tokyo and Osaka, and year-round air tickets are relatively cheap~

In those days in Japan, almost every day dinner is after 9 o’clock, because the shopping mall on this side will close at 9 o’clock, so they are busy shopping before going to eat, at that time we also joked that even if it was a typhoon, these days are completely worry-free to go, you can always shop, haha,

Take this guide to Fukuoka to buy and buy.

The old rule, first on the map, mark the airport, Hakata Station, Tenjin Station, and the location of the shopping mall I went to the most (the picture can be clicked to enlarge~)

Distribution of shopping areas

Fukuoka shopping is mainly concentrated in the two major areas of Hakata and Tenjin, the two places are actually not far away, the subway is three stops, half an hour walk is similar, in Hakata Station where I did not find too good places to visit, Hankyu Department Store at Hakata Station is more high-end, recommend CANAL CITY near the Hakata Canal, Tenjin Underground Street, and some shopping malls near Tenjin.


It is connected by several shopping malls nearby, there are many brands, very shoppable, Uniqlo, MUJI, moussy, scense of place, HM, ZARA, these are all available (the specific brand and distribution can be seen in the service desk of the mall) In addition to shopping and some restaurants, such as Yilan, Thai dollar beef or something, and a large drugstore.

Tenjin Underground Street

There are many beautiful clothing stores, AZUL by moussy, where I bought the most clothes, and there is a Matsumoto Kiyoshi drugstore.


It is recommended to sweep goods during holidays in Japan, and there may be activities, the same store, when we went a few days ago, it was the original price, and on the day of the third consecutive holiday in Japan, there was a second half-price event with a low price, which is very cost-effective.

Clothing brand recommendation

Uniqlo, MUJI naturally needless to say, cheap and easy to wear, there are many recommended beams, urban research, moussy and the like on the Internet, beams I don’t like very much,

urban research

Not bad, but the one I bought the most this time was a sub-brand of Moussy

AZUL by moussy

(When I came back and went out shopping, I was directly asked by the girl where to buy it, hee hee)

There are also urban research sub-brands

scense of place

, These two brands are not available in China, and two brands are also recommended-


, a certain treasure has a flagship store, but the same is a new product, Japan will sell much cheaper, the price is about half.


, A certain treasure does not have a store, but the clothes are good, recommended ~

Shopping hours in Fukuoka

Fukuoka’s shopping malls are basically open until 21:00 p.m., around 9:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., and drugstores are open for a little longer, usually from 8:00 a.m. to 23:00 p.m., so you can visit the mall first and then the drugstore in the evening.

About tax refunds

Mall Tax Rebates:

Take the CANAL CITY mall I go to the most as an example, some stores are franchised stores of Global Tax Free, these merchants need to spend 5400 yen (equivalent to RMB 330+) in the same store to go to the mall’s fixed tax refund service point for tax refund, and some merchants such as Uniqlo, directly Tax Free merchants, spend 5400 yen, when paying directly in the store tax-free, it will be more convenient.

1. The 5400 mentioned here needs to be consumed on the same day in one store, not several stores combined to buy 5400.

2. The tax refund needs to be an unopened and unused product, and it cannot be returned or exchanged after the tax refund

3. Tax refund needs to be refunded on the same day with a small receipt, and it is not possible to do so the next day

Drug Store Tax Refund:

Drugstores also receive tax refunds of 5,400 yen or more, and they are directly exempt from tax when the payment is made after the tax-free amount.

Convenience Store Tax Refund:

Can convenience stores also be tax-free? That’s right! But not all convenience stores support it, I have seen two, seven and the whole family, one near Hakata Station and one outside Hakata Station, if you want to buy some snacks to take home, it is not impossible to make up 5400 yen~

Electric City Tax Rebate:

Cameras, massagers, and other things can be directly tax-exempt after more than one price.

A drugstore shopping in Fukuoka

Well-known drugstores are Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Don Quixote, SUNDRUG and the like, the prices are not too much, the things are not too much, there may be things some stores have some stores do not, you can also compare prices, I just passed by a drugstore on the way back to the hotel and bought it casually, it is a 11 under a check number, is the following sign of a drugstore.



This is recommended by several people, an amino acid facial cleanser, said to be especially suitable for sensitive skin dry skin, just happens to be a Japanese brand, so it will be more cost-effective to buy here, 1944 yen, more than 120 yuan.

Kerun Series:

Compared with Hong Kong or Thailand, Japan’s Kerun is really cheap, after all, it is a Japanese brand, and the product range is also very rich, in addition to facial cleanser lotion creams and the like, there are shower gels, body lotions, and even shampoos and conditioners, in addition to bottles and bags of refills, I bought a foam facial cleanser suitable for sensitive skin, the foam is very dense.

Shiseido Cleansing Specialist:

This cleaning ability will be stronger, sensitive skin or when changing seasons is not recommended to use, I generally use it directly when applying sunscreen on the body, originally did not want to buy specifically, because there is still a half tube at home, the result is how much money to buy me one.

Yamato Eyeliner:

I used several sticks, not smudged at all, I used to buy it at the daigou, and it was actually a few pieces more expensive than the daigou myself. The disadvantage is that it is easy to block after a little longer use, but for the sake of not smudging, I really like it, more than 90 RMB.

MUJI portable eyelash curler:

It’s cheaper to buy here, but I’m still not used to using eyelash curlers and can’t understand how to use them.

Shiseido hexagonal eyebrow pencil

I wanted to buy it and forgot, the following mascara was recommended to me by a colleague, saying that it was cheap and easy to use, and finally forgot to buy it. And also

Canmake and Kate series

Things are all cabbage prices here.


FX Eye Drops:

Buying in Japan is really the price of cabbage, and buying it in Taiwan on National Day last year was about 451 yuan, and it only costs 23~

There are also some recommended drugs that are hot, but I didn’t buy them, and the reason why I didn’t buy them is because I usually have very few habits, so the only reason left tells me that I can’t buy them just for the sake of buying, just like the local hot cosmetics I bought when I went to Thailand last year, and I haven’t used them much until now.

Popular drug recommendations:

Dragon Horn San:

It has some effects on treating sore throat, cough, and phlegm.

EVE painkillers:

Headache, stomach pain, aunt pain can eat, colleagues strongly amway me, saying that it is necessary at home and there are no side effects, but I do not have the habit of eating pain-removing tablets.

Ota stomach dispersion, liquid band-aid, Hanhuangtang constipation pills, lion king acne cream, Taisho cold medicine

And there is

Pola whitening pills, Daiichi Sankyo whitening pills

and other whitening pills for internal consumption.

Life class

Lion King clothing cleaning and stain removal:

This treasure is on it, I just saw it and bought it, it’s really fat sausage practical, every time you eat, it seems to have a spell, but whenever you wear light-colored clothes carefully don’t want to drip oil, it will definitely drip it! So this one requires unlimited buybacks.

Deodorant drops:

An blogger who was liked very much before, Amway, will not be embarrassed to go to someone else’s bathroom if he goes to the bathroom, and it is not yet useful.

Disposable hair coloring pen:

Since there is a lock of hair that is white, so bought this, But… It doesn’t work yet.

There are also a few that were planted after returning, so they were not bought, such as:

Shiseido 0 second hair mask, breath pills, pitta mask, Kao steam eye mask, rest time

(It will be very comfortable to post after walking and shopping)

Convenience store snack recommendations

Convenience stores are mainly 711, Family Mart, Lawson and the like.

The popular meiji strawberry milk recommended on the Internet I really went all over Fukuoka and didn’t find it, I don’t know if it is not here in Kyushu or how, I bought meiji’s pure milk, well, it is very pure milk, I am more indifferent to pure milk.

White Peach Water:

In addition to white water, this brand also has peach-flavored and pear-flavored water, both of which are delicious, and I like white peaches the most~ I drink it almost every day in Japan.

Fresh milk pudding:

A fresh milk pudding of 711, the one wrapped in white in the middle on the shelf below, has a strong milk flavor and is delicious~

↓711 dried plums:

I really love this dried plum, the acid is very enjoyable, once planned to go to 711 to exchange the unspent yen for dried plums the night before leaving Japan, but the time was too rushed to buy it, although there is 711 at the airport but there is no dried plum, come back to a treasure search, twice as expensive, a bag to 18 even forget it, next time I go to Japan to buy it.

↑Meiji yogurt:

The blueberries I bought have large blueberry pulp in them, which is delicious.

↑711 Heartless Egg:

Almost 7 minutes cooked loose eggs, not half-boiled eggs used to mix rice, there are two packs, there is also one, with its own salty taste, need to be refrigerated, delicious!

↑Peach wine:

This wine was seen when I was in Korea, and the taste is similar to Rio, and it has various flavors, which is better than Rio.

↑711 instant noodles:

Miso flavored instant noodles, the taste is good, the noodles are also very smooth, in the convenience store at the airport also brought a box back, here to say, many foreign instant noodles without forks, remember to ask the clerk for chopsticks.

↓Meiji gummies:

Very fruity juice gummies, also recommended, I bought strawberries and grapes.

Rice balls:

There are all kinds of onigiri, but I didn’t dare to eat it after eating a fish rice ball with a bad stomach, and the rice balls here are not heated, and I think it may be because it is too cold.


There are also a lot of bento, rice, noodles, salads, there are many types, especially suitable for those who forage at night. I bought a box of corn kernels + tuna + shredded cabbage for salad, and when I took it back to eat, I knew that the salad dressing had to be bought separately, and I didn’t bring it in it…

Electrical Appliances

Omron massager

The basic model is equivalent to a little more than 300 yuan, and the point I want to say is that everyone who buys the OMRON massager is limited to one, I don’t know if all the shopping malls are like this or only the one I go to. I bought it in an electrical city near Hakata Station, but they didn’t check it strictly, as long as there was another person standing next to it, saying that it was together, you can buy two passports, if only you can’t, intoxicated regulations.

Electric toothbrush:

There are Oral-B Philips and the like, I was worried that the toothbrush would not be equipped with a brush head after buying it in Japan, so I didn’t buy it, and then I thought that the brush head should be the same.

About souvenirs

Souvenirs can be purchased at the airport, but Fukuoka Airport is relatively small, so souvenirs are available

White lover, Ichiran ramen, matcha powder

Ichiran originally wanted to buy back two boxes, but gave up because it was too heavy, and bought the souvenir white lover that almost everyone will choose when they go to Japan, the packaging specifications are divided into three types, which are both light and convenient to distribute to everyone, and the conscience of the souvenir world hahaha. If you have a trip to Yufuin or Beppu, you can also buy souvenirs there, which will be more distinctive.

Transportation from Kan-Fukuoka Airport to the city

Fukuoka Airport is very close to the city, so if there is no traffic jam, it can be reached in half an hour, and the fare is not expensive, but when I went, it was 260 yen, and I could buy a ticket at the counter leaving the airport or pay it on the bus. If you buy a ticket at the counter, just drop it in when you get off the bus.

Japanese buses are coin-operated when getting off, when you get on the bus, there is a small paper card to prove which station to come up, the display screen in front of the bus also shows the price of each section, when you get off the bus, show the card you took on the bus, according to the amount of the display screen to put coins, if there is no change, you can stuff a banknote into the machine to exchange change, pay attention to Oh, that is an exchange machine, not a coin machine that automatically finds money, after exchanging change, you need to find the right amount of coins.

END The next article is about accommodation recommendations in Fukuoka~