Throw the dragon fruit seeds into the pot, and they grow as vigorous as a cactus, and the fruit is large and sweet

Dragon fruit belongs to the fruit that everyone likes to eat, it can be grown in the greenhouse, can also be planted on the balcony terrace at home, and can even be planted into potted plants, how to grow dragon fruit at home?

Potted dragon fruit is planted in this way, a little seed or a branch can be planted in a pot, and the fruit is large and sweet

1. Sow seeds with dragon fruit seeds

When eating dragon fruit, the seeds remain, be sure to clean the pulp on the seeds, otherwise it will affect the germination.

Choose a relatively delicate soil to sow the seeds and spray water once every two days.

The temperature is about 20 degrees and germination. After planting, it grows slowly in the first two years, grows quickly in the back, and in a place where the temperature is suitable, it can bloom and bear fruit in about the third year.

In particular, results can be obtained from April to November. The fruit ripens more than a month after flowering.

2. Use shoots to cut cuttings

If it is dragon fruit with cuttings from branches, this one bears fruit faster than sowing, and if the soil is good and the environment is good, it will bloom and bear fruit in the second year.

Prepare branches of about 20 centimeters and cut them to dry for a day or two. Then cut into a pot to moisturize and shade. Generally, it starts to take root in a month.

If you want dragon fruit to bear fruit early, you need to top dressing in time, dragon fruit is a bit like a cactus, but the growth is not fast, fertilization is mainly with nitrogen fertilizer, a small amount of many times.

When it grows to a larger size, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be applied, and the flowering of dragon fruit needs artificial pollination, so that dragon fruit can bear fruit smoothly.

Be sure to be well ventilated, sunny and fertile in potting soil. The bottom fertilizer can be used to use chaff ash, rotted manure, compared to cow dung, sheep manure and chicken manure, mixed into the surface layer of the soil, and then add some calcium, magnesium and phosphorus fertilizer in the deep position of the soil. If not, you can use some compound fertilizer.

If sown, it usually bears fruit in three to four years, and it can bear fruit in the second year after cuttings with shoots. Eating the dragon fruit you grew at home is really very fulfilling! Autumn is coming, so try planting one.