The simplest and fastest leek box, no kneading, no rolling noodles, chopsticks stir, family members say yes

Hello everyone, I am eggplant, today I will share with you the method of a leek box, simple and fast, thin skin and large filling, and tell you how to not get water with leek filling.

1. Make batter

200 grams of flour, high gluten flour is the best, add 3 grams of salt to increase gluten, 300ml of cold water, stir from the inside out with chopsticks while pouring, so that it is not easy to produce gnocchi, stir until there is no dry flour, and then use a whisk to stir vigorously in one direction, stir until the batter is fine and sticky, and buckle into a line for later.

2. Make the leek filling

3 eggs, beat and set aside, turn on the heat, put a little oil, pour in the egg liquid and stir quickly until small particles out of the pot to cool for later, let cool and pour in the leek filling to prevent the leeks from preheating out of the water.

Wash and control the moisture of leeks, chop them into a bowl, add an appropriate amount of cooking oil, stir evenly, salt can form a protective film, isolate salt from contact with leeks, and prevent water from coming out.

Pour in the cool eggs,

Add an appropriate amount of shrimp skin, salt (to calculate the salinity of shrimp skin), pepper, oil consumption, stir well and set aside, so that the leek filling will not come out of the water for a long time.

3. Make the crust

Turn on low heat, no need to put oil, stir the batter in the pot hot, put it into the pot, and use the scraper to quickly scrape thin and even. If not, brush the batter with a little less oil before putting in the batter.

The searing edge is rolled up and turned over, and the simmering bubbles can be taken out of the pot, and let cool after coming out to increase the gluten.

4. Make cakes

Place the leek filling in the middle of the dough and fold it from bottom to top

Then fold it in half

Finally, tumble and fold, it should be noted that it is not wrapped too tightly, and it is easy to break when burning.

5. Searing

Turn on low heat, oil temperature 5 to heat the cake blank

Cook both sides golden brown to get out of the pot, leeks are easy to cook, don’t worry about undercooking. Isn’t it simple?

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