This is the right outfit for small people: down jacket + straight pants, coat + short skirt, tall and thin

Tall people can control a variety of clothing, especially in winter with a variety of long items, that for small children, it is more distressing, all clothes can not press the figure, and to show height and thinness in the mind, in order to narrow the distance between fashion and good looks.

There are a variety of skills in dressing my tactics, wearing Xiaobai can not start and can not learn the essence, this autumn and winter complete sets of high matching, down jacket with straight pants, refreshing and neat; Coat with short skirt, sexy and feminine; Start with these two groups and open your fashion door.

Wear it correctly, down jacket + straight pants

The collision of down jackets and straight-leg pants, one light and one heavy, harmonizes the atmosphere, and forms a harmonious and comfortable match. Of course, for small people, standard matching, save trouble and improve efficiency, no longer have to worry about the ugliness and obesity of winter wear.

Part1, down jacket selection

The first step of the down jacket is wrong, and no matter how exquisite the inner layer is, it is useless. This point is mentioned in the selection of down jackets.

Principle 1: Soft lines

As long as it is a down jacket, the surface has a line design, to avoid hard lines, to use soft lines, to resolve the connection between the bulge bags, reduce the visual expansion, but also improve the surface texture of the down jacket.

Principle 2: split design

In addition to the requirements of the line design of the down jacket, the traditional style of the partial variety of down jackets makes the down jacket present more styles. The split design is used on both sides of the hem, extending and lengthening the down jacket from the side, and then achieving effective weight reduction through the light and thin underwear, which can also highlight the sense of lightness in heavy winter wear.

Part 2: Guide to matching straight-leg pants

Straight-leg pants are really the most common and common style, but the more ordinary the style, the more amazing it is on your body. Straight-leg pants are called straight-leg pants, and it is named after the fit. The trousers are not fitted and are straight, which best defines the leg straightness.

Type 1: cropped straight-leg pants

For girls with small legs and not long legs, straight pants with cropped length are the best consideration. It can easily expose the ankle part, not all wrap the leg, increase the leg extension space, and avoid cramped between the shoe and the trouser leg.

Wearing method: medium socks + single shoes

Wear straight pants with booties, there will be no problem with ankles showing flesh into the wind. And with a single low-top single shoe, when it snows, the old cold leg is not worth the loss. It is better to use mid-tube socks with single shoes, which are lighter than boots, and the outfit adds layers, and the whole match is exquisite.

Type 2: Straight pants over the ankle

Full point straight pants is to cover the position of the ankle, and even have the problem of mopping, although not as neat as cropped pants, but with the right shoes, leg length of two meters is not a problem.

1. Pants and shoes in the same color

Simple and easy-to-use method, shoes are worn in the same color as pants, following the principle of vertical extension, showing a unique temperament in minimalist style wearing. Just like white full-split straight pants, with white shoes, clean and elegant.

2. Wear it with platform shoes

In addition to the minimalist style of the same color, there are simpler and crude ways to increase the thickness of the shoes, and the high heels appear deliberate and do not match the style of the down jacket. Platform shoes are recommended, out of the domineering neutral style, let the pants add the design of the check, personality trend.

Wear the right two, coat + short skirt

A coat is a piece that makes fashion look effortless and allows for style and independence. The small man always twists and pinches when choosing a coat, because his skeleton is small, and he is worried that he will not be able to weigh the width of the coat. These are actually small problems, and with layering and short skirts, the difficulties disappear naturally.

Part 1, coat length reference

For small children, you can’t choose only one length, which will make the outfit limited and monotonous.

Recommended length – hip length, above the knee but not at the ankle

If a small person wears a coat of standard length, it is definitely hip-length. The outfit is delicate and slim, and you don’t have to think about how to wear it underneath, you can raise the height of the coat. In addition, its largest is especially grooming the hips and crotch, and girls with incongruous proportions can achieve a perfect body.

The true pursuit of aura and sassiness, hip-length coats can not be satisfied, only over-the-knee coats can do it.

By wearing it openly + matching the short skirt

, Don’t worry about the problem of small people pressing their figures, and also change from a small woman style to a big woman.

Part2, short skirt の style

Can a short skirt show the length of the legs and cover the ugliness, you are very wrong if you think so. The shape, material, and length of the short skirt are not right, and it can still become a thunder match.

Length suggestion: 10cm longer than the base of the thigh

The short skirt is too long to the knee, rigid even like a middle-aged woman, the short skirt is too short, just covering the hips, too worldly and gorgeous. Only a position of ten centimeters to cover the base of the thigh is the best length to show the leg to cover the flesh.

Fit recommendation: Version A

The skirt is straight and cannot reflect the curve of the waist, only the A-version version with a narrow upper and lower width is adopted, don’t worry, outline the embarrassment of the butt, so that there is a gap between the legs and the skirt, forming a drop, and the vision is thin.

Material suggestion: wool

The woolen fabric matches the fabric of the coat, but the coordination of the material gives people simple and not simple. In addition, it is light and warm, meeting the basic temperature requirements of winter wear.

Part3, the key point of good looks with a coat and skirt

From the coat to the heel of the legs, there is a long section exposed, and the connection and matching of this part is the essence of the entire outfit.

Shoe suggestion: boots

Short skirts and boots are a golden match for autumn and winter, don’t wear them over the knee, and the old autumn also exposes the shortcomings of the legs.

Straight + knee-length with three-dimensionality

Boots that contract the calf belly and create straight legs.

Recommended style: Knight boots

The handsomeness of the knight boots and the small femininity of the short skirt meet the needs of the girl’s style. The classic black style A is bursting, and you can’t choose a pointed toe and thin heel design, which will affect the texture of the entire knight boots itself and lose the original taste. Layered over a dark coat with a light coat, it’s a subtle blend of gentle neutrality.

Highlights: Black stockings

Even with boots, booties and skirts with empty space on the legs, this one is suitable for a pair of black stockings, which is bright and sexy. Black stockings should be worn with a sense of premium, light + breathable, and in addition to coordinating with the color, dark or all black, no one is picky about wearing. With a little polka dot design, black stockings are stylish and personal.

Small girls don’t match indiscriminately, relying on down jackets + straight pants and coats + short skirts in winter to open a new fashion chapter.