The top 10 best-selling sleep masks in 2020 are super popular

TOP1: [2 boxes | Plant Extract Temperature Monitoring】A.H.C 3RD Generation B5 Hyaluronic Acid Mask 5pcs/box

A.H.C. from South Korea, a.h.C belongs to CARVERKOREA Cosmetics Group, which is a high-end brand of the group, a Korean temple-level beauty professional line brand, and also a functional makeup brand. A.H.C was founded in 1999, and the exclusive spokesperson of the brand is Li Xiujing. Advocating natural, pure and safe, sensitive skin and problem skin can be used with confidence, the main ingredients of pure plants bring vitality and energy to the skin, and it is a popular functional makeup brand. A.H.C’s brand philosophy is to let you enjoy the exclusive experience of a professional beauty salon even at home. 【New and old packaging random delivery, please subject to the receipt of the physical product】The mask paper is very thin, fit, and contains a large amount of hyaluronic acid ingredients, super hydrating and moisturizing, whether you are allergic skin, sensitive skin, pregnant women can use it with confidence~ It is especially recommended for dry, dehydrated, sensitive, oily or rough skin. If you use a black card member, you are expected to save 4.76 yuan.

TOP2: Ishisawa Research Institute Pore Fuzi Rice Pore Shrinking Mask 10 Tablets Cosme Grand Prize

From Ishizawa Research Institute in Japan, Ishizawa Research Institute ISHIZAWALABS is a Japanese brand of additive-free, coloring-free and fragrance-free products. It was born on December 25, 1989 in a small room in an old building in Japan. At present, Ishisawa Research Institute has developed more than 800 kinds of products, and comprehensively produces beauty and health products, including retail, development, marketing, and in-store promotion tools. Ishisawa Research Institute aims to make customers happy with its existence, not only the products it produces, but also to convey its sincere service wholeheartedly to each customer, and believes that everything can be accumulated through human hands to attract customers. Word of mouth good things out of stock king! JAPANESE FASHION “TEXTBOOK” CUTIE MAGAZINE HAS BEEN RECOMMENDED MANY TIMES. A must-stock mask when traveling to Japan! A pore is instantly smooth and invisible! Contains natural rice bran liquid to satisfy all the “thirst” of the skin! Stick away skin imperfections, and take photos only in the front row!

TOP3: CHANDY Himalayan Mask 20 pieces (5 lilies + 5 comfrey + 5 snow lotus + 5 gentian)

Founded in Shanghai in 2001, CHANDY Nature Hall has become one of the well-known makeup brands in China. Naturetang’s representative products include snow moist white series, elastic and firm anti-wrinkle series, sunscreen series, etc. In 2013, the National Nature Hall counters sold an average of 120,000 products per day, 10,000 products per hour, and 159 products per minute. If the average person blinks 15 times per minute, for each blink, about 10 natural hall products are sold from the counter to consumers. In February 2016, announced the list of “2015 Most Watched Items”, and the Essence of Nature Snow Intensive Repair and Moisturizing Ice Muscle Membrane was honored on the list. Pure and nourishing, radiant, long-lasting, moisturizing, intensively repairing and soothing the skin.

TOP4: 【Ouyang Nana recommended】JAYJUN Perilla Repair Mask 25ml*5pcs Repair hydrating plants to improve closed mouth

FROM JAYJUN, KOREA, JAYJUNCOSMETIC, HAS ALWAYS ADHERED TO THE COMMITMENT TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR BEAUTY, CAREFULLY DEVELOPED BY JAYJUN PLASTIC SURGERY HOSPITAL’S DERMATOLOGISTS AND AUTHORITATIVE SKINCARE TEAM. For Asian skin, we have never stopped bringing more professional, safe and effective products to consumers, focusing on solving skin problems for women and shining the beauty of Asian women’s skin. Perilla & White Ash double-adjusts the balance of water and oil, effectively tightens rough pores and improves closed mouth.

TOP5: [Recommended by Weiya] New Zealand geoskincare Nyusi Mystery Hot Spring Water Burst Water Bomb Mask Cleansing, moisturizing, moisturizing, brightening, first aid leave-in frozen film sleep mask 7 capsules/box

From New Zealand Geoskincare, a brand from New Zealand, Nyusi Mystery adheres to the skin care concept of “taking from the earth, giving back to the earth”, creating healthy skin care products so that consumers can get health and satisfaction. Benefiting the environment, the products use low-temperature extraction technology from New Zealand’s signature ingredients to create gentle, healthy skincare products. Since its inception in 2000, Nyusi Mystery has been sold in health spas, beauty salons, pharmacies and natural living centers around the world. The Mystery of Nyusi Bullet Mask produces a water-locking film when used, which has the feeling of a layer of water film on the face, and the skin is hydrated and shiny the next day after one night of absorption! Add hot spring water, Alpine glacier water, and filtrate of bifida yeast fermentation products, and no matter how busy you work, you can still deeply hydrate and repair many skin problems at night!

TOP6: [Single box as low as 21! ] Limited time free shipping】JMsolution muscular research water light honey, pearl trilogy, first aid injection, cherry blossom bird’s nest moisturizing, hydration, moisturizing

JMsolution from Korea, JMsolution is a product for beauty experts, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists to restore healthy skin. Pay attention to basic “product materials”. Using the purity of nature and carefully selected materials from various countries, you can feel refreshing and beautiful. The main moisturizing, invigorating moisturizing and nourishing material, the material is cellulose mask paper, which is lighter and more breathable. The outer packaging box of the mask is easy to be squeezed during transportation, which is not a product quality problem, please mind taking it carefully.

TOP7: [First Aid Repair] Korean VT Tiger Green Water Ghost Sleep Mask Leave-in Hydration Centella Asiatica Repair Soothing and Brightening Complexion, Squalane Niacinamide Face Cream Moisturizing 1 Trial Pack

VT from South Korea, VT from South Korea’s “niche, light luxury” cosmetics brand, adhering to the design concept of “using cosmetics suitable for skin temperature to create delicate skin”, advocating minimalist style, combining natural and healthy raw materials with Korea’s top skin technology, and committed to developing healthy skin care products and color cosmetics products. VT not only advocates healthy skin care, but also leads a lifestyle taste and trend. In addition to skin care, color cosmetics products, the brand also involves oral care, daily necessities, etc. VT Green Water Ghost Sleep Mask Centella Asiatica Essence Hydrating Repair Soothing Leave-free, First Aid Mask Sleeps Supple and Glow, and Repairs the Skin at Night Separately.

TOP8: [Li Bingbing recommended invisible hydrating mask] 24 pieces of WIS hydrating mask hydrating hyaluronic acid cleansing shrinking pores, oil control, brightening skin for men and women students

From China WIS, WIS is a skin care brand developed in cooperation with Switzerland, the brand name “WIS” comes from an ancient European word “Wissenschaft”, the introduction of Swiss RAHN Group technology and raw materials, with high standards to make cosmetics, the pursuit of better science and safety, committed to making skin care more scientific and effective, to bring better care experience to the skin. Creates hydrating and elastic skin, effective hydration.

TOP9: [Stretch Firming] Creer Beaute Versailles Rose Gold Translucent Stretch Moisturizing Mask 5 pieces

In April 2007, Creer Beaute, Japan, to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the manga Rose of Versailles and the 250th anniversary of the birth of Empress Andona, one of the protagonists in the painting, Ikeda officially partnered with Creer Beaute in Japan to license the image of the character of the Rose of Versailles and redraw the character portrait on the packaging. The Versailles Rose series of makeup, completely presenting the magnificent romantic Versailles Rose, and only the manga images officially authorized by Versailles Rose author Riyoko Ikeda are veritable Versailles Roses. Riyoko Ikeda’s manga mask, I’ve never seen such a manga-style mask with a little cuteness! Each serum is infused with a rich serum rich in moisturizing ingredients and contains several plant extracts to infuse the skin with a rich moisture, always scented with peach.

TOP10: Sulwhasoo Rain Night Repair Mask 120ml Kampo is very reassuring

Sulwhasoo is a well-known Korean cosmetics brand and one of the three high-end brands of Amorepacific (Pacific) Co., Ltd., one of the three major cosmetics companies in South Korea (Amorepacific, Sulwhasoo, Hera). Amorepacific Group Cosmetics Research Institute has been working hard for more than 20 years to create one of the most wrinkle and anti-aging cosmetics based on ginseng and more than 20 kinds of Korean medicinal materials, and is a veritable Korean celebrity cosmetics brand. The same model of the star, the housekeeper mask of Sulwhasoo! The unique Korean herbal formula can seize the golden time at night, soothe the irritation and damage of the skin during the day, give a steady stream of moisture and nutritional supplements, especially suitable for skin that often stays up late, continuous use for a week, the skin will have its own beauty filter~