Driving for so long, do you really understand seat headrests?

Most car owners do not pay much attention to the use of seat headrests during the use of the car. Adjust the headrest height as you like. Installing seat cushion covers that do not comply with regulations, etc. These practices will greatly reduce the role of the headrest. Driving for a long time will inevitably aggravate the discomfort of cervical spine pain, dizziness, and so on. So how to adjust the headrest of the car seat correctly.

1: The role of the seat headrest

Car seat headrests are one of the important configurations to ensure safe driving. The headrest was not designed to increase the comfort of the driver. It’s for security reasons. When the vehicle is hit during driving. The driver’s head may be hit violently. At this time, the headrest can play a good cushioning role. It can effectively avoid the phenomenon of insufficient head support of the driver. This reduces damage to the neck. And can effectively protect the head from being damaged by strong impact force.

Besides. Seat headrests can also play an emergency role. In the event of an emergency such as a car door not opening. At the same time, there are no tools available on board. You can try pulling the headrest out. The headrest bracket is then used to tap the four corners of the window glass and the gap between the door. In this way, breaking the glass can get out of the predicament in time.

2: Adjustment of seat headrest

Since each person is different in height, the position of the headrest is also different. Taking these factors into account, in order to take into account different heights. Seat headrest adjustment is now generally designed with a button to adjust the angle. Just adjust it to the right position. The correct way to use it is as follows:

1: When entering the car, first maintain a correct sitting position. Sit on the seat and observe whether the relative position of the head, cervical vertebrae, and back and the headrest of the seat are parallel. Try to shorten the gap between the head and the headrest, keeping a distance of about 2 fingers.

2: Adjust the height of the headrest, first press the plastic buckle on the lower part of the headrest pillar. Then press the unlock button, move the headrest up and down to the appropriate position, and then release the button. Wait until you hear a “pop” sound. Indicates that the headrest lock is successful.

3: Category of seat headrest

With the development of the automotive industry, the design of seat headrests is becoming more and more diverse. There are three types of headrests that are currently trending in terms of type:

1: Integrated headrest

It is characterized by high strength and a one-piece design with the seat back. When hit, the support for the person’s head will be relatively better. Generally, this kind of headrest is more common in sports cars.

2: Active headrest

The headrest is equipped with an active telescopic device. In the event of an impact, the headrest actively moves forward. Give the head more timely support. However, this type of headrest is expensive to make. So it is more common in high-end cars.

3: Split movable headrest

This headrest is characterized by a well-balanced function. And the manufacturing cost is also moderate. It is also easy to disassemble in later use. Therefore, this kind of headrest is more common in daily life.

In addition to bringing comfort to the driver, the headrest can be used. It is more about reducing the chance of injury to the cervical spine on impact. It is recommended that car owners learn how to adjust the seat headrests correctly. Develop good habits of using headrests to make travel comfortable and safe.