There is a summer must-wear called doll collar, learn 7 kinds of collocation, not only not childish but elegant and mature

#Summer is coming#

Recently, I was surfing happily on the Internet and saw the clothes with the doll collar, how is it different from what I thought? I used to think that the doll collar looked very tender and tacky, but this time it made me completely change my opinion of it, and then I looked closely and found that many celebrities in recent years are also wearing clothes with doll collars.

All right! It was me who didn’t hear about hhh. So today I will summarize the doll collar outfits that must be worn in summer.

The history of the doll collar is actually quite long, as early as the nineteenth century, and it has already begun to appear in traditional Lithuanian clothing.

But the doll collar really became familiar and popular to the public in 1905, originating from a children’s movie, the small lapels popular in it made the fashion circle shine, and finally this style of clothes appeared on Broadway and became popular.

Also because of a little boy named Peter Pan in this film and television drama, the doll collar can also be called Peter Pan Collar.

Almost every fashion item is brought up by a star, and the doll collar is no exception, and since the 60s of the last century, with the help of star momentum, the doll collar has gradually become popular in women’s clothing. But some girls think it’s childish to wear a doll collar, in fact, that is you can’t wear it!

Learn the 7 combinations of doll collars, fashionable and not childish, but mature and elegant.

Look1: Doll collar top + pants

Ju Jingyi’s upper body a white doll collar corduroy top is clean and elegant, the lower body of a black and gray jeans looks simple and neat, the puff sleeves of the top can also modify the shoulders, very suitable for girls with narrow shoulders or slippery shoulders, and the clothes are tucked into the pants and look particularly long legs, the overall gives people an elegant ladylike feeling, and with a pair of high heels or sandals, you can do it,

It is very suitable for slightly fat girls, and when they go to work, their daily wear is elegant.

The upper body is a striped doll-collar green T-shirt, and the doll collar is also matched with a red lace to look very distinctive and conspicuous, which is a small detail. Paired with a pair of blue loose slacks, a pair of vintage board shoes looks full of vitality, the overall gives an elegant French style, and with a necklace and a watch, you can add a lot of color to this outfit, suitable for women who prefer casual style and maturity.

Look2: Doll neck long dress

The doll collar is white with blue dress looks very good color, there is a ladylike and well-behaved feeling, and with a pair of high heels or sandals can be, and then carry a mini bag or handbag is very nice, suitable for more cute and sweet girls, just like a little princess,

Gentle intellectual. It doesn’t matter if you go to school or work.

The red and white skirt is also very good-looking, the red-edged doll collar looks very detailed, and the red polka dots all over the body are very matched, whether you are a ball head or a ponytail or draped hair is very suitable for this skirt, and the skirt is longer, girls with fat on the legs can wear it with confidence, with a pair of grandma shoes or egg roll shoes are very suitable, but the color is better with the same red or black and white.

This one is very eye-catching, a green print as the main tone of the skirt but a pink white collar. It doesn’t look like the slightest mismatch, and even some good looks are going on, and with a pair of white socks and this outfit, a pair of daddy shoes will look good, I have to say that this dress and the difficult to control Barbie pink lipstick is also really matched, girls with fairer skin can try this outfit, to ensure that you do not collide in the summer.

Look3: skirt + doll collar top

The upper body is a brown print cropped top with a white doll collar, the white collar looks very detailed, the lower body is an identical skirt, with a jumpsuit tights, a pair of black square heels looks elegant and temperamental, it is also very good not to wear jumpsuits in summer,

It also looks mature and elegant with a pair of high heels, suitable for 30+ women.

Look4: Shorts + doll collar top

The upper body is a court-style white puff sleeve top, the doll collar is a printed V-neck that looks feminine, and a pair of leather pants looks domineering. Guan Xiaotong wore a white stocking with platform sandals to look more slender and slender legs, if you feel that the clothes are too monotonous, you can match some jewelry, the effect will be better.

A black sweater with a white doll collar on the upper body, a pair of army-green suit pants looks cool and awe-inspiring, a pair of platform high-heeled leather shoes with a pair of stockings looks very slender legs, and a little sassy with sunglasses. You can carry a more business and casual bag, suitable for cool girls or office workers, sitting in an air-conditioned room is just right, is my personal favorite outfit, very big woman, very mature and elegant.

Look5: Doll collar cropped dress

Yang’s army-green dress with a doll collar looks playful and lively, especially in summer, this outfit is cool and vibrant, and the thin chain bag is very suitable for going out on the street, both in style and color.

In addition, this style of dress is also very versatile for shoes, small white shoes or canvas shoes will be quite age-reducing, if you are a more lively girl, this outfit is worth trying.

The chiffon printed doll neck long skirt is also good, the design of a tie at the waist looks very characteristic, it seems that the waist is very slender, and then with a pair of doll-side stockings and a pair of court-style flat shoes,

The girl who wow wears this is a fairy, looks temperamental, and never gets tired of seeing it.

Look6: Doll collar shirt + slip dress

Yu Shuxin has a pink slip dress with a bow design on one side, which is more “careful”. A doll neck puff sleeve shirt looks clean and fresh, very in line with the summer atmosphere, pink and tender color is really girly, which girl can refuse pink? It’s OK to pair it with a pair of small leather shoes or daddy shoes. Although cute, it is not childish at all.

Look7: Velvet doll collar dress

Shen Mengchen’s velvet doll collar dress is really very textured, and the sleeves are designed into chiffon to look really temperamental and elegant, and with a pair of Martin boots, the overall look can be salt and sweet, very suitable for daily wear of a dress, like friends are worth trying.

The clothes of the doll’s collar are beautiful one by one, and the little friends who like it rush!