After buying this small crowdbag, I was asked by 5 people one day where to buy it

If my sister often sent Hong Kong to eat, drink, buy, buy and buy some time ago~ (Sister is at work!) )

In fact, this trip to Hong Kong, my sister also experienced a lot of wonderful places. Sister picked out three of the most worthwhile places, Amway everyone~

Yuanchuangfang niche boutiques are good quality and good prices

Yuanchuangfang is full of works by local designers in Hong Kong,

The price is not expensive, and everyone can buy and buy happily.

Because it is a creative park, its location is very peculiar, and it used to be a dormitory for police uncles~

▲ Old, shabby and old

After the transformation, it looks like this now, a little solemn and simple style~

Although it seems to be just repainted, after seeing the scheming design in the details, you will find that the Yuan Creator has a unique hole.

▲The carp staircase of the leaping dragon gate

▲A unique rest area in the corner

▲Stairwells on each floor

These eye-catching designs are actually easy to find, because the meta-creation is not large.

Only two police uncle dormitory buildings, wrapped in the park, the buildings are connected to each other.

Upon entering, the name of the building on the left is Staunton (Block A) and the right is called Hollywood (Block B).

Sister starts with Staunton,

Because the beautiful little crowd that was picked up by countless people was bought in this building. It’s from the brand Cecilia Ma, right on the fourth floor of Staunton. Unique gold grid + huge white pearl, both vintage and unique~

Only 1000 HKD!

▲The owner thoughtfully matched a handbag to bits and pieces. It can be freely drawn, which is equivalent to buying 2 for the money of one bag.

Don’t look like metal, but it’s very lightweight.

And the capacity is also very large, can fit two iphone6s, a small power bank, a mouth infrared plus a coin wallet (can be loaded card + key + money).

▲ A girl who picked up a conversation said that she was attracted to her appearance.

Some of its bags have strange standards and rich meanings. And Cecilia Ma will not be mass-produced, it is difficult to hit the bag ~

(It is said that Lane Crawford is sold, and friends who are not in Hong Kong can try their luck)

▲Buckle in the style of red wine plug

▲ Gatsby-themed packs

In addition, the Staunton building is also home to a number of fashion shops, tea shops, beautiful coffee shops and dessert shops owned by Hong Kong designers.

▲Super beautiful dessert shop – Phoenix Sweets (Staunton Level 1)

Another building, Hollywood, also hides many fun shops

, including some original accessory shops, creative gadgets and more.

▲Jewelry made of various natural gemstones – Coney & Co. (Hollywood 2nd floor)

▲Located next to the stairs on the 2nd floor of Hollywood, I can’t remember the name of the shop.

In the Hollywood building, my sister pushed the Hong Kong Design Gallery on the G floor.

It displays a large number of works by local Hong Kong designers, some of which have won international awards, and some of which are full of strong Hong Kong feelings.

Everything is perfect as a souvenir.

What impressed my sister the most was the down-to-earth “red, white and blue” design, and the handbag style of the woven bag can be several years earlier than Balenciaga Bazar~

These three colors are common in Hong Kong, and the designer himself intends to express a strong and flexible Hong Kong spirit.

▲The designer of this series is called Another Mountain Man, who is a top boss in the advertising industry. My sister’s advertising professional background has heard of his famous name~

Although Yuanchuangfang has to come to Hong Kong to visit, many places in the mainland have opened branches of Hong Kong Design Gallery, including Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, etc., and the address can be found on the official website of “Hong Kong Design Gallery”.

Let’s go back to Meta-Creation.

Because it is located in the bustling Sheung Wan Highlands, if you go up the steep slope, there are many boutiques and food spots around.

These include the perennial queues and the famous Jiu Kee Beef Brisket and Lotus Heung Lou, as well as boutique shops selling niche brands.

My sister went to a shop that sold Frame jeans, and there were many sizes in many sizes. (Yang Mi also has the same model, you can also try)

▲Most of the boutiques are on the left-hand side of the downhill road

▲ Jiu Kee brisket needs to turn left from an alley on the left-hand side.

Finally, there are some notes to tell everyone~


35 Duck Bardine Street, Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. But my sister suggested getting off at Exit E of Sheung Wan MTR Station and walking for 7-10 minutes.

–Business hours:

7:00am-11:00pm, but my sister suggested going at three or four o’clock in the afternoon, it was too early and many stores did not open.

HKwalls photographed an alternative Hong Kong and flooded the circle of friends

In addition to the fact that Yuan Chuangfang made my sister feel quite surprised,

There are also two places where you can see a different Hong Kong.

The first is: HKwalls,

It takes you away from the impression of Hong Kong that is drunk with money, and uses graffiti and old street scenes to make you feel the collision of old and new eras.

In fact, HKwalls is not exactly a certain location. It’s an organization, but the location of the graffiti changes every year. So many places have left traces of it.

You don’t have to go out of your way to find it.

You also need to be able to see it at a bustling street entrance.

Near Tsim Sha Tsui, transfer to meet strange ~

In front of shops near Sheung Wan, working people are the most glorious.

Meow warrior on a tall building in Yau Ma Tei.

A unique tinkling car in Hong Kong. When you encounter this kind of graffiti version, you can go and buy lottery tickets~ My sister especially regrets that she didn’t even sit on the ordinary version.

Many influencers on ins will check in HKwalls, and Po gets a bunch of compliments on the Internet. If you put it in the circle of friends casually, I’m afraid it will be like this~

▲Sham Shui Po HKwalls 3D Fox Graffiti Wall~

If you want to concentrate on graffiti art, you can go

Wong Chuk Hang

Take a look ~ the density of graffiti there can be said to be a few steps away.

▲ The members of this picture graffiti used the highest elevator in Hong Kong to complete it

There are also many celebrities who go to Wong Chuk Hang to check in. Look at the image above ins and you’ll find new tips for taking photos with HKwalls.

For example, a selfie on the back.

Finally, I would like to tell you a few points to note:

Wong Chuk Hang subway station. These graffiti walls can be seen as soon as you exit the subway station, which is more convenient to reach. Moreover, Wong Chuk Hang is close to Ocean Park Hong Kong, and after taking a few sets of photos with Hong Kong characteristics, you can go to Ocean Park to play.

Open around the clock

Van Gogh Sense has a close encounter with Van Gogh and can eat it happily

Having said HKwalls,

Finally, my sister would like to introduce a special restaurant with fried chicken


Van Gogh Sense。

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that this is a Van Gogh-themed high-end restaurant, and it is difficult to find a second one in China or Asia. (They have plans to open a store to the north)

The interior environment of the store is really good, not only there are various carefully arranged detail corners, the overall environment is very artistic, it looks particularly high-end.

My sister wants to call frantically for the desserts and drinks of this store, and each of them is a high-value player. And the dessert taste is moderately sweet, and you can also make latte flowers according to your photo on the coffee~ It is very worth trying.

▲Sunflower-flavored cocktails, very suitable for girls’ drinks, 138 Hong Kong dollars a piece.

▲Recommended sunflower cake, is the main ~ 48 Hong Kong dollars a piece.

▲Coffee figure portrait pulling flower~

Whether it’s afternoon tea or dinner, it’s a good choice.

Sister if had a lunch + afternoon tea here. Although the portions of each dish are small, they are better than the variety, and the appetizing slices of cereal bread before the meal are delicious when dipped in butter.

Finally, you should also pay attention to:

Shop 208, 2nd Floor, 1881 Plaza, 2A Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. This shop is very close to Harbour City, it only takes about 5-7 minutes to walk, so you can eat at any time if you are tired of shopping~


–Per capita:

Lunch, with a set menu of 198 yuan; Dinner is 680 yuan, there will be more formal dishes.

▲The lunch recipe changes every once in a while. The price will be increased according to the number of dishes.

If sister discovered the boutique hidden deep in the belly of Hong Kong, follow my sister’s footsteps~ You will find Hong Kong that you don’t know. Eleven just go, how?

If my sister has visited Hong Kong, it is really extraordinary

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