Autumn and winter ladies’ original lace-up sweater cardigan (with knitting instructions)

“Fence Juyi”

The cool breeze Buddha faces, see the autumn chrysanthemum open in the hedge,

Half-window flowers, sometimes a burst of incense blows.

In good times, asking for tea under the fence is a good place to go.

『 Fence Shadow 』

With Line:

700g (15 sticks in 2 shares)

With needles:

Rod 3.5mm body 3.75mm,


Collar: 3.00mm, 2.75mm,

Clothing length

: 79cm Bust:

52 cm

Shoulder width: 40cm Sleeve length:

57 cm,

The length of the belt is 185 cm


This original cardigan sweater will warm me all autumn and winter, slowly heal the cold in the autumn breeze, and I like the sweater’s unrestrained body and calm heart.

Weaving instructions:

The armpit needle collection method looks carefully at the picture

When the three up and three lower threads are replaced by the embroidery position, the needle should be reduced, 11 stitches are reduced at the waist, and 20 rows are woven and then three upper and three lower threads are added to add the original 11 stitches, the collar side is reduced by 7 stitches, and 7 stitches are added after 20 rows of weaving, 10 stitches are collected at the sleeve, and 10 stitches are added at the three up and three lower threads after 20 rows are knitted.

With hand-drawn drawings for the reference of sisters in need,

The collar is knitted separately and stitched with the body, first use another thread to pick a circle on the collar of the body, I picked 146 stitches, with 3.00mm starting needle 147 stitches, knitting a single thread 10cm, with half of the thickness and fine thread to weave two rows, the purpose of this two rows is to smooth the collar more properly, and then change 2.75mm knitting 4cm, using the machine side method, divide a layer of collar into two layers and knit 3 rows each with a lower needle, and then use the two layers of the collar to clamp the collar of the body, and the number of stitches selected on the other line should be stitched with crochet.

• end •

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