360 Badilon children’s watch 5th generation non-equal double 12? There is a special price!

Nowadays, children’s smart watches have undergone several generations of changes, and after the fierce competition of many brands, their functions are constantly enriched; As a generation of pioneers in the children’s watch industry, 360 Company has launched the independent brand of Badilon children’s watch 5th generation after several generations of successful children’s watch development, which is a real flagship product, in addition to the main positioning and call functions, it also incorporates a number of pioneering technologies and functions, including voice intelligent Q&A, independent sound cavity, fast charging, six-fold positioning, etc., which also makes this children’s watch attract much attention.

In terms of battery life, it has a built-in 500mAh high-quality battery and the first 2C fast charging function, which easily achieves a long battery life of 10 minutes of charging and 8 hours of standby. Such a powerful battery life is rare among similar children’s smart watches, and it is worth praising for this.

Starting from the 5th generation of 360 Badilon children’s watches, artificial intelligence has been introduced for the first time, which has a built-in voice mechanism to answer various strange questions, becoming a little helper for children’s learning and life. Not only that, this watch also provides healthy eating information, reminds children to drink water on time, and helps babies develop good eating and living habits. Parents can also set a class disable period for their children to prevent their children from playing with their watches during class.

360 Badilon children’s watch five generations with high intelligence and high performance became popular, and its 360 OS for Wear based on Android system has become the first independent operating system designed for children in China. The intelligent reminder function provided by the 360 Badillon Children’s Watch 5th Generation is also eye-catching, which can tell children about weather changes and holiday wishes in real time, so as to cultivate the baby’s love and sense of responsibility.

Sales is a testimony of strength, in just a few years, 360 this product has achieved the first place in the children’s watch ranking list, and soon knocked down similar products of friends. It provides a voice intelligent interaction solution that can not only answer 100,000 whys, tutor answers, tell stories, sing children’s songs, and educate and entertain, but also filter more than 240,000 sensitive words, with a purity of 99.9%. It is deeply liked by parents and has received a lot of praise in the feedback of children.

360 Badilon children’s watches have become the “new favorite” of parents, and the first choice gift for children in the eyes of parents has also become a popular must-have among children. It is understood that the surprise price of 360 Badilon children’s watches during Double 12 is already on the way, except to buy, buy, there is nothing worth hesitating.