Cotton jacket cotton pants new school bag Zhoukou ten-year-old boy wears a warm cotton jacket

Mammoth News Oriental Today reporter Zhao Dan/Wen Video Photo courtesy of interviewee

Xinxin (pseudonym), a 10-year-old boy in Zhoukou, Henan, has a twisted life, his father died, his mother ran away, his grandparents died one after another, and now he lives with his 71-year-old second grandfather. When winter came, local enthusiasts sent cotton clothes and supplies.

Xinxin’s home is in Xiedizhang Village, Xunmukou Township, Taikang County, Zhoukou City, 35 miles away from the county seat. According to the public welfare person “Mutton Brother” Sun Reasonable, Xinxin’s father died, his mother ran away from home, and after that, his grandparents died one after another, and now he lives with his 71-year-old second grandfather Zhang Hongliang. Wanting a new bag and eating chicken is Shin Shin’s wish.

When he saw Xinxin for the first time, it made Sun Cheng feel very distressed. The 10-year-old leaned against a bare poplar tree on the side of the road near the school in the cold wind. His dress and face show his “embarrassment” and “helplessness”. The thin little face is distressing, the yellowed hair is sparse, the eyes show timidity and inferiority, and the shabby clothes seem to be their own “protective color”, and on the side of the road in brown dirt, they look so small and insignificant.

Sun Chengli revealed that Li Junhua, a villager in Houmiao Village, Gaolang Township, Taikang County, was very sad when he knew what happened to Xinxin, and after discussing with his wife, he decided to do his best to send some love to this lonely child.

Early in the morning of November 28, Li Junhua and his wife made an appointment with Sun Cheng to come to the county early and buy cotton jackets, cotton pants and school bags with better texture for their children. Shangqiu love netizens Liu Jie and Liu Hao also arrived to deliver supplies.

On the same day, the group came to the home of Xinxin’s second master, Zhang Hongliang, the small courtyard was very simple, and there were several rows of green vegetables planted in one corner. The old man Zhang Hongliang is 71 years old this year, his body is tough, and he talks with a smile on his face.

When Li Junhua and his wife were about to enter the courtyard of Xinxin’s house with clothes and other gifts, he immediately ran over, took the clothes, jumped and jumped with joy, and put his arms around the couple and called uncle and aunt.

On the same day, Li Junhua and his wife personally cooked a meal for Xinxin. Cutting meat, cooking large ingredients, stir-frying chicken, the rich meat aroma wafted throughout the courtyard, during the meal, Oda Xin finished nibbling a piece of chicken, and did not forget to lick the soup on his fingers, “It’s so delicious, it’s so fragrant!”

Sun Lili said that he will continue to pay attention to Shin Shin’s life together with caring people in the future.

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