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What is the driver’s license sub-page for?

The People’s Republic of China motor vehicle driver’s license is composed of a homepage and a subpage, which is a special page for recording the driver’s license file number and related matters.

A motor vehicle driver’s license without a copy of the driver’s license is invalid, while a driver’s license without a copy (original) is also invalid.

What does the file number on the subpage do?

The file number, in fact, is the ID number of the driver’s license, and each driver’s license has a unique file number, just like a person has a unique ID number. Through the file number, you can not only check which vehicle management agency issued your driver’s license, but also check the score of the individual.

The file number is usually a 12-digit serial code, of which the first 2 digits are the province code of the driver’s license; The 3rd~4th digit is the city code of the driver’s license; The last 8 digits are the sequential number of the driver’s license, which is divided by the local vehicle management office itself.

Do I have to change the page after the internship period of my driver’s license?

Drivers with Class A and B driving licenses are required to take the road traffic safety laws and regulations, traffic safety civilized driving, emergency response and other related knowledge tests (internship completion examination) within 30 days after the end of the internship period.

After the test is completed, the DMV confirms that the test has been passed and directly endorses the passing of the internship test on the side page of the driver’s license. Some people think that after the internship test, you have to change the subpage of your driver’s license, but you don’t need it~

Note! The secondary page of the driver’s license cannot be molded

After getting the driver’s license, some children’s shoes find that the subpage is just a piece of paper, and they are worried that it is easy to stain and damage, so they go to mold the seal themselves. Traffic police officer Shumai said that the subpage cannot be molded. Because the functions of the original and the subpage are different.

The function of the original is to record the basic information of the driver and the quasi-driving type, in order to make these main information not easy to wear, so the original is molded; The main function of the subpage is to record reminders and require endorsement of relevant content, so it cannot be molded.

What is the core number of a driver’s license?

There is a 13-digit number on the back of the driver’s license (original), which is the core number of the driver’s license. The first 2 digits represent the province, the 3rd digit is the check digit, and the last 10 digits are the sequential number. The core number of each driver’s license is unique.

If the driver’s license is lost, a new license can be obtained by going to the vehicle management department to obtain a replacement driver’s license, and the core number on the old driver’s license will be invalidated at the same time, and the new driver’s license will be the new driver’s license.

If the police find a suspicious driver’s license in management, they can also accurately determine whether the driver’s license is valid through the identification of the core number.

Do you know how important the driver’s license subpage is?

Source: Daily Worker