Zhu Lingling is worthy of being a “noble lady”, wearing a nude pink shirt and trousers, not at all like Benliu’s person

For women aged 60 to 70, the biggest need for clothing is age reduction. In order to make themselves look younger, middle-aged aunts in their 60s have not bothered to buy age-reducing items and learn age-reducing skills. In fact, there is no need to be so cumbersome and troublesome, model Zhu Lingling’s private clothes can be dressed, she can be called a template for middle-aged and elderly women. This time, wearing a nude pink shirt and gray trousers, he didn’t look at all like Ben Liu’s age.

Zhu Lingling’s nude pink shirt with gray trousers

1: Follow the “wide top and tight bottom” dressing rule

When people reach the age of sixty or seventy, their bodies cannot be controlled by themselves, and they are more or less hairy. Women with a blessed upper body can follow the “wide upper and tight bottom” dress rule like Zhu Lingling, wearing a loose shirt and slim trousers, so that the upper body does not show fat, and the lower body is more slim. If the lower body is blessed, when choosing clothing, you can make the top tighter and the lower body wider.

Only this kind of “one wide and one tight” wearing method can cover the flesh and show thinness at the same time, without showing a sense of drag, and the whole person looks particularly neat and clean.

2: Adopt a “light pink + gray” color scheme

Pink is recognized as the “most tender” color, but because pink is too pink and tender, it is easy to produce the effect of forcibly pretending to be tender, and many middle-aged aunts dare not try. In fact, there are many kinds of pink colors, like this nude pink color, which is quite suitable for middle-aged and elderly women. Nude pink has low saturation, looks not pink, but also has a bit of gray tone, the overall gives people a gentle and elegant feeling, in line with middle-aged and elderly femininity.

Because nude pink has gray tones, in terms of color matching, we try to use gray as much as possible, which can ensure that the overall color tone is uniform and rich.

3: Stepping on high heels, capable and enhancing temperament

For middle-aged and elderly women, I do not recommend wearing high heels every day, which is uncomfortable and easy to be injured. However, it is also possible to wear high heels when attending formal or important occasions. High heels have a powerful aura, and in their aura, even if the overall outfit is full of competence, it can enhance the temperament.

As a dressing template for middle-aged and elderly women, Zhu Lingling has something to learn from each set of private clothes. Next, let’s continue to appreciate Zhu Lingling’s other outfits.

Zhu Lingling’s other looks

Shirt + skirt

There are many styles of shirts, if you choose to wear a classic white shirt, when matching bottoms, try to match with a black skirt, it belongs to the classic series of clothing items, the combination of the two, can further highlight the classic beauty of fashion, let people wear it, not tired of it, super invincible nice.

Sleeveless dress + coat

For Zhu Lingling’s female friends of this age, the sleeveless dress is extremely testing the figure, showing wide shoulders, thick arms, and a strong upper body. If you can not wear it, try not to wear it, if you like sleeveless dresses very much, then, you can do this to Zhu Lingling, put on a coat, with the help of the jacket to cover the deficiencies.

Ginger dress

Don’t look at the darker brightness of ginger yellow, but wearing it is very against the skin tone, which can not only brighten the brightness of the skin tone, but also show the spirit, this color is quite suitable for middle-aged and elderly women. Therefore, when choosing the color of the dress, you can take ginger as the first choice to ensure good looks and foreign style. And ginger has a strong sense of presence, even if the whole body is covered with turmeric, it is not monotonous, and it is very attractive.

There are many more beautiful and practical dressing styles for Zhu Lingling, middle-aged and elderly women who like Zhu Lingling’s dressing style can, you may wish to refer to it more, and strive to become as fashionable and foreign as her, giving people a feeling of not being old.

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