Promotes baby’s gastrointestinal absorption Heinz puree shows off its might

Many babies are prone to constipation, which is also a headache for mothers. Mothers know that babies should eat more fruits and vegetables, but many naughty babies do not love the taste of fruits, but are interested in snacks. At this time, smart mothers may wish to give their babies a little Heinz apple scented oat juice puree, which is safe and healthy, and is a good choice.

(Photo: Heinz mashed juice)

We all know that the baby’s gastrointestinal function is limited, if the complementary food is added too quickly, or the baby does not have time to digest, it is easy to cause indigestion and dry stool. Heinz apple scented oatmeal juice puree has the effect of lubricating your baby’s stomach. In Heinz apple scented oat juice puree, there are both apples and mangoes, so its taste is quite sweet, and it is difficult for the baby to refuse it after the first bite.

The wonderful taste of Heinz apple scented oat juice puree will make your baby feel that eating is so enjoyable. Once the baby has developed a habit and the mother does not feed the baby Heinz apple oat juice puree in time, the baby will cry and fuss. Heinz Apple Oat Juice Puree is individually wrapped in 120g per bag, which is suitable for babies to eat all at once without waste.