Warm shirt with fleece and thickening British vintage shows my fair lady

When the British retro lattice is at the forefront of fashion, designers can only be unique and painstaking. Xiaobian today recommends several popular plaid shirts, which integrate British style and workplace commuting style, lady style, elegant style, and other elements, so that MMs can feast their eyes. The winter of the plaid feast is no longer just immersed in the pure style, the bright plaid is still attracting attention.

The fresh and unkitsch breath creeps out in this cold season. The neckline that fits the curve of the neck is more comfortable and shows the woman’s ability and neatness in the toughness. Exquisite pocket design, leading the fashion sense in playfulness. Fleece cuffs give the skin delicate enjoyment, double-layer crimping, beautiful and delicate. The perfect hemming warms the diamond pile lining and keeps the shirt leaking at all times. More fit, more stylish, winter must-have!

The plaid shirt with a bit of forest tone adds super delicate, secret room velvet, making the cold feeling instantly warm and pleasant. The value of exclusive brands, whether in the matching of colors or the choice of fabrics, designers have used unique characteristics. Structured small peak lapels, with traditional classics, combined with a variety of design angles, can more comfortably protect the warmth of the neck. Every detail, so thoughtful.

When the British plaid style meets the cowboy hippie style, but it can be integrated to the perfect realm, it is really amazing! A variety of colors are cleverly brought together to bring a feast of visual richness. Denim panels at the shoulders and cuffs take fashion a step further. Whether it is worn inside or outside, it exudes the different charm of women, very feeling!

360° warm current wireless internal circulation, feel the warmth of the power of science and technology! Pure natural ultra-soft crystal velvet, natural antibacterial, can deeply lock in temperature, is the first choice of the highest quality fabric in the warmth industry. The appearance is pure cotton, breathable and comfortable, and the texture can be tasted from the feel. The characteristics of denim patchwork, break the traditional shirt format, and make the new trend pattern more violent!

The shape of the fake two-piece set has always been concerned by MMs, saving time and having its own taste. This fake two-piece shirt, no accident, was immediately hotly purchased. The V-neck design and shirt can be described as a classic among classics. The natural hem design is casual yet concise. The piled lining not only keeps warm, but also highlights the slim and slim body due to the excellent shape design skills! My Fair Lady, a gentleman ~~~

There is a simple elegance that cleanses the soul. The use of three-dimensional cutting, two waist provinces, better make the clothing waist card, present and shape the beautiful curve of the human body. Even with the addition of warm platinum-grade fleece, it will not be bulky. The plush design at the lapels and cuffs adds an intellectual beauty with a strong British street style. Loved the plaid color, highly recommended!

The neckline adopts double-layer stitching technology to add activity. Thickened neckline design, will not deform after washing. The three-dimensional pocket design of the chest is fashionable and stylish, so that the visual sense of layering is rich. The unique color of the buttons is another highlight. High-end customization, exclusive brand value. Curved hem design, very stylish. Exquisite turner line, flat and concise.

Classic shirt style, generous and decent, asymmetrical plaid design, novel and colorful. The shoulder adopts four needles and six threads, and the wireless stitching process does not highlight the history of calligraphy. The lamb fleece pocket design on the chest is full of personality and full of characteristics. The cuff-spelled lamb fleece design is stylish and warm, and it is intimate. The hem adopts a beautiful curved design, rounded curves, very temperamental.

Who said that plaid shirts can only be concise, not sexy. The 3D gold cut proportionates the curve of the waist to show off the woman’s slender body. The unique pearl velvet inside is comfortable and gentle, and the baby-like skin is delicate and smooth, which makes people covet. The neckline and cuffs are double-layered for a tough and structured design that keeps you warm and cold-resistant. Presented from every angle, exquisite and calm.

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