Don’t be a sauerkraut version of the Internet celebrity master, we want to be real

It is undeniable that the current society is indeed an era of traffic. Many times in the jade carving world, we are talking about who has a large flow and whose popularity is high?

The advent of the era of short videos and live broadcasts has accelerated the relatively slow jade carving industry, and at the same time has also given rise to the development of the industry is also “revolutionary”, giving birth to many “Internet celebrity masters”, those with real materials, of course, pseudo-masters who fish in troubled waters also secretly go ashore.

Although the Internet has brought a lot of industry dividends, the live broadcast has not brought much change to most carvers, and some carvers who still stick to it silently worry about tomorrow’s rent and future every day. Many masters of the older generation do not understand:

An ordinary ruyi or even a safe buckle, was only broadcast by the anchor in the previous paragraph, and accompanied by the master collection certificate, and even inexplicably put some merchants on what network master, actually sold at a high price, wave of operation is jaw-dropping.

Some carvings are also certified, but the currency of the casual market is also blowing into the sky.

All kinds of titles are added together, the layman can’t write down the certificate at a glance, can look at an intermediate artist is useful information, and even write what Chinese jade carving master, but in fact, in the rated treasure association directory, there is no such person, of course, most of the Cuiyou are too lazy to check, because any consumer hopes that their work is carved by a master, and the future can appreciate in value, because the anchor has played a package ticket.

The actual case is the same as 315’s Laotan sauerkraut, the publicity and the actual situation do have some gaps, although the Laotan sauerkraut “eats so many years is fine” and “are all jade A goods” a truth, but when consumers react, it is too late to spit it out, because you don’t pay attention, you don’t know what’s going on.

Jade carving as a jade carving that cannot be mass-produced, many silent carvers can’t understand why there is such a large production capacity now. However, the market is also strange, the apprentices who were not even bothered to put on the shelves in the jade carving world before, but after a wave of anchor market haggling operations, the leakage of Internet celebrity anchors can actually be easily released, and the hot market seems to feel that those who make jewelry have made money.

As a result, many carvers also found that

The guy sitting next to the workstation learned to beat embryos, so he went out to do live broadcasting, because it was more profitable than carving, and he left behind the vow that he had sworn to dream of becoming a master carver. This is like the plague, people will be contagious, so many have joined in, and the carving boss is also very embarrassed.

The jade carving industry once published an article: people’s aesthetics are higher, more and more advanced, and the level of appreciation is getting higher and higher, because the times are progressing. I’ll sort it out and make corrections.

It is true that the aesthetics of the rich have improved, but most people’s aesthetics may still be lingering, because many people can’t even understand the relationship between jadeite and jade, not to mention talking about jadeite carving aesthetics, which is indeed a little overestimated.

Because the market is indeed too big, live broadcast and the Internet can enlarge this small category infinitely, and leeks can grow and cut waves, after all, many people have to pay tuition.

How to go in the future jade carving world? I think there must still be a benchmark, after all, it is still to look high, because too many people want to eat, and also encourage the jade carving world to compete for beauty, combined with new models, but to say that

Those merchants or individuals who casually issue a collection certificate in the name of a master, are money-oriented, fool consumers, pseudo-masters who are not worthy of the name, and destroy the carving market and image, please respect yourself, and welcome everyone to leave a message and discuss with you.