“Fission 7Pro” is too capable of fighting, ANTA ultra-high-top casual shoes appeared, AJ8 Hachimura Cheng PE texture is good

Recently, there are new products exposed in the sneaker circle, do you remember Li Ning’s “fission 7th generation” BOA version? Finally there is news, and the designer has also exposed several new color schemes. Anta has a new functional style casual shoes unveiled here, a bit of Salamon. Nike prepared a pair of PE styles for Hachimura, and the treatment was super high. What about these products? Let’s take a look.

“Fission 7” BOA version

First of all, let’s take a look at Li Ning’s side, a long time ago, when the “Fission 7th Generation” was not officially unveiled, there were two versions of pictures circulating on the Internet, one is the regular version, which is now what everyone sees, and the other is the strap canceled and became the Pro version of the boa system.

The designer posted a few pictures, and exposed several new colors, the details of the Pro version, and the overall upgrade changes are still very large, in fact, the configuration of the ordinary version, and the performance is already very high, the Pro version may hit the 9th generation of the city.

Let’s take a look at the picture posted by the designer, adding several styles, one is white purple, the upper is white, the straps and the toe position and midsole, and the Wade logo on the side, embellished with purple, very fresh feeling. There is also a white and blue color scheme, the upper is mainly white gray, and the side and outsole are light blue, which is also very fresh.

The next three styles are more beautiful, one is the “warning” color matching, which is the same matching method as the original “warning” color matching, orange upper with gray straps, and the toe position impact bar, the color is very eye-catching. The other one is a black upper, and the details are embellished with Tiffany blue, which is also beautiful. The other is candy-colored, with a black upper with blue straps, details embellished with orange and green, and a fancy outsole, which is also a good color.

The changes of the fission 7th generation Pro version are mainly in the upper and midsole, and the upper cancels the design of the laces and adds a translucent film, which should be the same material as the upper of Wade’s Way 9. A BOA knob is added in the middle of the tongue position, and a strap design is added to the neckline position. The change of this upper dog brother feels that it is still very handsome,

The midsole of the shoe has become a full-palm technology, plus the TPU of the mid-foot, the stabilization system of the heel position, the configuration of the fission 7th generation is really super high, 7 years is finally done, a pair of obscure shoes, finally has a name, the dog brother is very much looking forward to the actual combat performance of this shoe.

ANTA new functional style shoes

Next, let’s take a look at Anta, the brand tried a new style, made a pair of super high-top functional casual shoes, the appearance is very handsome, the dog brother was particularly worried when he saw the design drawings before, why did Anta make this style of shoes? After reading the actual picture, the dog’s heart was put down again, and I have to say that Anta’s attempt is still very good.

Let’s take a look at the design of this pair of shoes, he is a pair of shoes inspired by the “Tiangong Space Station”, as can be seen from the picture, the upper of this pair of shoes is very high, but there are two styles of high and low tops, both are pure black, the upper position of the high-top style has a huge white Anta logo, and the low-top style is a bit of a Salamon.

Brother Dog thinks that this pair of shoes may be inspired by the shoes worn by astronauts, this idea is very good, although the shoes are super high-top, but there are many details, and the BOA knob design is used, it will be more convenient to put on and take off, in addition, the midsole of the shoe is thicker, and the V bottom is also used, and the functional wind is full.

Look at the actual picture of the shoe, you will not be disappointed, the finished product is a black and white color version, the upper and midsole are white, the tongue is filled with black, the heel shoe lift is embellished with red, the ANTA logo on the side has become smaller and has become silver, and the appearance is still OK.

The material of the upper is also quite interesting, using a very special material, it looks relatively hard and straight, the midsole is thicker, the pattern of the outsole is also particularly rough, the skill style is really strong, there should be a new experience on the foot, for Anta’s attempt, the dog brother is still quite satisfied, after all, the Winter Olympics are coming, winter is coming, wearing such a style, it is not against it.

Nike Hachimura AJ8PE

Finally, let’s take a look at Nike’s side, the brand exposed a PE sneakers prepared for its signed player Hachimura, it is a very common thing for its players to launch personal PE, but this pair of sneakers is not ordinary, Nike for a foreign player, so attentive, in the league is rare.

Nike prepared a pair of positive generations for him, and chose the AJ8 generation, which also coincides with the “eight” character of Hachimura. Shoes launched in the positive generation for PE style are still relatively rare in the league in recent years, Allen Guo’s positive PE has always been there, Anthony PE has also been, Paul’s PE has also been, this situation is relatively rare among the younger generation of players, which shows that Nike attaches importance to him.

Let’s start with the shoe box, this pair of shoes has been very attentive from the shoe box, Nike is still quite careful in developing overseas markets, the shoe box uses the style of ukiyo-e to make a picture, in the middle is Hachimura Takashi, he has two defenders in front of him. In the upper left corner of the shoe box is the name of Hachimura, and on the right there is a red box with “eight” inside, and a triangular pattern below. In the lower left corner is AJ’s logo, as well as an image of a samurai’s helmet, and next to it is Hachimura’s personal logo. The logo of Nike, AJ and Hachimura on the backing paper, and the design of the shoe box and liner paper I think is quite interesting and very Japanese.

Let’s look at the shoes themselves, the shoes are expressed in brown, the upper is composed of a variety of materials, the toe position is suede, the color in the middle position has become lighter, the strap and the upper position use another material, this material has some texture on it, it looks more textured.

There is a red circle in the tongue with the logo of Hachimura, and some fluffy material is used in this place. As you can see, the shoes also have a pair of black laces. The texture of the whole pair of shoes is still quite good, this color scheme is also very interesting, may be based on Hachimura or Japanese related elements, Brother Dog is still looking forward to the follow-up story about him.

Well, this content is here, the recent new products, which pair do you think is better? Brother Dog’s favorite is still “Fission 7th Generation Pro”, which may be more powerful than the 9th generation in the city, and the appearance is not bad. Anta’s functional style casual shoes are also good, and the dog brother is looking forward to the low-top version. Nike’s AJ8pe is also good, but it is estimated that it is not easy to start. What do you think? Welcome to leave a message and discuss with the dog brother.