Polo shirt + tuxedo = the hottest mix and match routine in spring and summer, fashionable and feminine!

Girls’ Polo shirt fashion trend is fashionable to wear it this way!

Carden Mommy, who has a unique and elegant interpretation of life, is the most temperamental and life-oriented mommy in the hearts of netizens, this time in the “Ralph Lauren POLO 50th Anniversary Flip Classic Photo Exhibition” event site, you can see that she chose an elegant and somewhat intellectual temperament to appear, in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ralph Lauren POLO, choose the classic Polo shirt to present a very creative style of play, fashion shows charming dressing taste.

The Ralph Lauren Polo shirt loved by everyone from royalty to commoners

In fact, it is not difficult to find from Carden’s mommy’s private outfit that she likes to change with relaxed and casual items, sometimes feminine and sometimes showing the aura of a strong woman, just like her favorite polo shirt outfit, casual but tasteful. Ralph Lauren Polo shirt represents the fashion culture of the United States, integrating sports, taste and casual style, practical and simple polo shirt has become the favorite private match of many high society people, and the clothing derived from the polo culture movement has evolved through the times and has become one of the favorite items in the fashion industry.

Polo shirt classic fashion is back! It’s more fashionable than you think

With this “Ralph Lauren Polo 50th Anniversary Flip Classic Photo Exhibition”, Mother Carden wears a classic white polo shirt to match the modern fashion of urban women, choosing the most infallible classic black and white shape, the upper body is a casual style white polo shirt, and the lower body is a high-waisted black chiffon tuxedo to present a feminine temperament, while bringing a bit of modern cosmopolitan feeling. Through this outfit, Mother Carden also shared her own dressing philosophy: “Because I am working myself, I hope to show the outfit of urban women, white polo is the most versatile, and it is also one of my favorite items, I think I can show ingenuity in the lower body when I go to work, and then show more layers with accessories.”

Grasp “one important point” to have a catchy look full of points!

And Cardden Mommy also shared some good-looking lazy dressing tips, such as wearing a polo shirt on the upper body, choosing narrow jeans on the lower body, or denim shorts with sneakers or sandals, through the matching of some scarves and accessories, not only the liveliness will not give people too casual feeling.

Finally, she did not forget to share suggestions for daily wear: “One important point on the body is enough: color or accessories, such as today’s choice of large necklaces will abandon earrings, and today is black and white, will choose some bright accessories, if summer comes, everyone wants to choose blue, yellow and other bright colors to wear, you can wear a delicate silver bracelet on the wrist and white sneakers to create an overall harmonious dressing atmosphere.”

The denim coat is definitely a wild king! It’s all up to you to wear private

In this photo exhibition, you can see that Mother Carden also demonstrated a fairly young and lively street wear, mainly white polo shirts, tannin jackets and a bit of boyish reverse denim cropped pants, wearing thin sandals, seemingly casual but quite stylish! One kind of modern metropolis and the other is the boys’ street, all showing mature women who want to be bold and creative and maintain a charming texture Look, you who like elegant style, wear Polo shirts with Cardin mommy to show such elegant charm.