Partnering with Huang Xiaoming frequently participates in road shows, wearing a lace long skirt with diamond-encrusted high heels, and his aura is too stable

A movie “Heroes of Fire” that reflects the life and battle of firefighters has been released, and it has achieved good box office results on the first day, and in this summer with “Nezha”, there is a super positive film, and it is also a rare thing to start well. The starring roles of this film are Huang Xiaoming and Tan Zhuo, I believe everyone is also very familiar with Tan Zhuo, right? She played the role of Concubine Gao in last year’s hot “Yanxi Raiders”, conquered the audience with her superb acting skills, and made many netizens “hate” Tan Zhuo, and also reflected from the side that Tan Zhuo’s acting skills are in place. Tan Zhuo also played a mother who raised money for a sick child in “I Am Not the God of Medicine”, which is also impressive.

This time, the roadshow photos of Tan Zhuo and Huang Xiaoming were exposed, and I saw Tan Zhuo wearing a lace long skirt with diamond-encrusted high heels, and his aura was too stable. Tan Zhuo wore a lace dress, a different pattern shape, decorated with a beautiful atmosphere, wide bat cuffs, with wavy lace decoration, full of romantic style, irregular skirt, but also its atmospheric awe-inspiring temperament.

Let’s enjoy Tan Zhuo’s earlier look together!

1, red suspender slim skirt, elegant and atmospheric to wear a good figure

Tan Zhuo wore a red slip slim skirt, elegant and atmospheric, slim fit, wearing Tan Zhuojiao’s good figure, under the skirt, a pair of beautiful legs showed, smooth and straight, slender and slender. Tan Zhuo carries a small chain bag, showing the exquisite beauty.

2, print patchwork dress, personality fashionable very thin

Tan Zhuo wore a printed patchwork dress, the shape of the print is very personal, the upper body shows a strong national style, and the skirt is simple and abstract, showing a trace of artistic atmosphere, Tan Zhuo wears it, visually thin, very temperamental.

3, black knitted halter skirt, high-end full of femininity

Tan Zhuo wore a black knitted halter neck skirt, unique design, full of high-end texture, suspenders outline the shoulders, thin, showing both shoulders, full of exquisite femininity, free draping skirt, covering Tan Zhuo’s slender legs, lengthening the line of sight, showing Tan Zhuo’s tall figure.

4, white shirt + bud pants, simple and intellectual

Tan Zhuo wore a white shirt on his upper body, which was inserted into the floral pants on his lower body, showing a simple intellectual beauty. The belt around the waist hangs freely, adding infinite fashion and modernity, super aura.

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