How to own a trendy item that is not expensive

Fashion is perishable, style lives on. Coco Chanel’s quote still holds true today. In recent years, the items of the big LOGO have become more and more fashionable and more and more popular, some people say that young people are eager to prove themselves, some people say that they are indeed good-looking, but how to buy some fashionable items that are foreign but will not have a nouveau riche feeling in such a dressing environment?

I personally recommend that you buy clothes that are cut in design but have some lighting elements, such as classic clothes with various animal and plant elements.

Animal elements used to be mostly used on children’s clothes, and generally displayed in cute images, while adult clothing was mature zebra print and leopard print. But in recent years, with the rise of retro trends, the popularity of brand LOGO, Chanel’s classic lion, Cartier’s leopard began to recover, and more and more animal elements were applied to clothing. For example, Gucci’s tiger head bag, Dionysian bag, classic red and green snake print T-shirt and other items Kenzo’s tiger head T-shirt, tiger head shoes, Coach’s little dinosaur are numerous.

Share some excellent animal and plant elements

Clothing category

Zara summer seaside holiday French waist V-neck crane horn sleeve jumpsuit

In fact, Zara will produce some clothes with animal and plant prints every season. The crane element came out almost every year from 16 to 19 years.

Zara sunscreen clothing VS online sunscreen clothing

The black style actually looks more advanced behind it, as long as the fabric is not too sparse, it is really a fashion item.

ME&CITY cotton animal print T-shirt ¥119

Dazzle alphabetic animal print sweatshirt ¥443

TCH 2020 Piggy Elk Creative Print T-Shirt 953

There is a problem here, that is, if the T-shirt is worn for a long time, it will be deformed, whether it is a big brand or not, in fact, if you buy thousands of prices, it will still be deformed and yellow. If you really like a shirt and want to keep it forever, the only way to do that is to buy a few new ones.

Above: Republic of China fish scale velvet cheongsam in the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century; Below: Fish scales in a modern design

Do you think that the fish scale pattern is very beautiful, although this element is not popular, but in fact, many clothing elements have been applied to Oh.

In 2018, Yang Ying wore a fish scale dress to participate in the event

At that time, Zhou Dongyu was still ridiculing on Weibo that the baby’s skirt was fish scales, and AB also replied: steamed or braised or braised What do you think? In fact, the dress is really beautiful to me. Our ordinary daily clothing design also involves fish scale patterns:

Disu summer 2019 clothing

The red slip dress is actually a series, but the basic jacquard is the fish scale pattern, and then there are many variations according to this series, such as the rippled rainbow stripe skirt on the picture.

Fashion with snake print and leopard print elements

In fact, there are too many animals and plants that can appear on clothes, as long as you choose a comfortable fabric, plus prints or jacquards can be full of color and smooth lines to express the vividness of animals. Here’s a little tip, that is, animal patterns such as traditional leopard print and snake print if you wear a set is easy to have a very powerful aura, if not matched with the figure and temperament of the matter is easy to make people feel tacky, this pattern that can immediately occupy people’s attention can be a small number of embellishments, the upper body or lower body is enough!

Jewelry Category:

DIOR’s official website costs 3600 rmb of square scarves and 1850 rmb of long silk scarves

Ordinary brand mulberry silk print scarf, average price 200RMB

Comparing the two pictures above and below, can the amateur design scarf below also give you a strong sense of design and can also have a very good effect with clothing.

The younger brother costs about 88rmb of personality chocker

This accessory made of cow leather can be used not only as a chocker but also as a bracelet, and the lion with its flexible personality is also a mythical beast that attracts attention. In addition, my brother’s slim wool coat, pure wool texture, slim cut, and brass carved lion’s head buttons, this classic trench coat I have worn for almost 5 years, every time I take it out, it is either praised for its excellent cut or the button embellishment is beautiful and distinctive. Forgot to mention the price RMB1100, do you think it is very cost-effective, and it is also a very good item.


On the left is the price I bought in an unknown small shop for tens of dollars; On the right is Coach’s shell pack RMB1000 or less

Both bags have snakeskin elements, which just matched me into a set. The snake pattern must be used in a small area, which will feel particularly feeling, but once used in a large area, it will make people feel scared. I have really bumped this shell bag in Guangzhou about 2 times, and each time I can have the same aesthetic as me: Wow the same aesthetic as me! This feeling, because there are too many shell bags, but I will appreciate this splicing snake pattern, and the lady has a little wild feeling, which is really something that only my generation can feel

Mulberry fish scale bag

This is a rare full fish scale bag, although it will look slightly like a snake print, but it is not the same as the two sides of the snake pattern that immediately shrinks to small pieces, and the fish scale pattern is slowly gradual. Mulberry’s family still produces some fish scale pattern bags, but I still think this one is the most beautiful and temperamental!

To sum up: many brands of animal design is very flexible, but do not recommend Gucci snake print and other popular items, this dress design is very good, but for ordinary people, the recognition is too high, too obvious, if repeatedly matched, people think that you only have such a T-shirt. Ordinary people choose the basic fit and add some flexible animal patterns to achieve the purpose of having an inexpensive foreign piece.

A mess of fire flamingos

There are many nature spirits, which are our constant source of inspiration, I hope you can also find your favorite elements from life! That’s it!