This generation of young people is really afraid of the cold

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Linda’s operation process after getting up every morning is: tie the autumn clothes into the autumn pants, and then tie the autumn pants into the wool socks, and the sense of security is instantly full.

“In the past, my mother thought I was cold in winter, but now I take the initiative to dress thicker than my mother.”

——This young man is really afraid of the cold.

Autumn pants actually sold so well?

“People who are still showing their ankles in this weather, allow me to shout big brother.”

But Linda seems to have forgotten that she was once the young man who didn’t want temperature for grace — last year she walked on thin snow in a cashmere coat, her thin ankles showing in her pencil pants.

This stubbornness in the cold wind is gone, and this year she has piled up a full set of winter equipment. 900D woolen socks, UGG cotton shoes, thick waist protection, scarf to protect the cervical spine, sitting in the office still need to add an electric blanket to the knee.

The most important equipment, of course

That one

Warm and plush thick autumn pants.

Even the trees in Shenyang are wearing autumn pants, what about you? (Photo by China News Network)

Double 11 e-commerce data has been released one after another, what immortal operation, the sales of autumn pants in the past two years are too high!

The “health anxiety” ignited by goji berries in a thermos cup burned through the entire year of 2018, and finally completed the last outbreak of the year in autumn pants.

Not yet middle-aged, the post-90s generation is already more proficient in various health secrets and pays more attention to their health than people think.

On the way to wearing autumn pants, young people have tried to prove this.

From frost resistance to fear of cold, it seems to be a matter of moments. The maturity of this generation of young people began when they took the initiative to wear autumn pants when cooling down and wrapped up in down jackets in November.

This even gave rise to a new concept:

Wrapped in a white duck down jacket, Linda saw a group of young girls in jeans and white sneakers running by laughing. She couldn’t help but think of her youth, which was as warm as fire and could make a big cloud of heat in winter.

The “ugly rejection” autumn pants have become trendy

Linda understands these thinly dressed young girls. Once, in Sanlitun, in Lujiazui, you couldn’t find a young man who wore too much.

A thin tweed coat looks good no matter how you wear it, and nine times out of ten, wearing a down jacket is like a dwarf winter melon. They scoffed at the bloated craving for warmth and proudly bared their ankles, intending to show:

Everyone in the world wears autumn pants, and I have a pair of single pants, which is the most beautiful.

Legless hipsters in Sanlitun (Photo by China News Network)

After all, autumn pants are toxic, beauties wear ugly, ugly people wear even uglier, wearing autumn pants means compromising with backward lifestyles, such earthy youth will be despised.

The “disgust theory of autumn pants” published by Su Mang, the former editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar, made autumn pants and fashion more unbearable.

Even if Su Mang is silent, the fact that thermal underwear is ugly is a certainty.

Whether it is the design of “the butt has a crotch fork, the cuff has a cuff, and the waist has an elastic”, or the earthy advertising and marketing, it is difficult to get rid of the strong middle-aged and elderly atmosphere.

Once your mother forced you to wear traditional old-fashioned autumn pants, warm is warm, but outrageously thick.

The price to pay to keep warm is too great – the legs endure the heaviness of tightness, walk like a bloated bucket, and the folds of jeans are flattened.

When stretching out, a piece of-yellow autumn coat cuffs are exposed from under the sweater, which is even more ugly disaster.

Fleshy-pink high-waisted women’s autumn pants, loose dark brown men’s autumn pants, the fan pose outlines the curves of the human body into an indescribable ugliness, even if Andy Lau wears it to endorse it, he is powerless to return to the sky.

So, what mysterious force is driven by the young people who buy autumn pants this year?

If “young people are afraid of cold” has injected new business opportunities into this industry, then the demand for “beauty” has put forward new requirements for it.

Thermal underwear is getting thinner and thinner, and “invisible underwear” is already a basic requirement, and HEATTECH, a designer collaboration of Uniqlo Wang Daren, is even more proficient.

The eight-quarter sleeves and the round neckline have a larger neckline, which means that it will keep you warm without extruding.

Consumers’ focus on warm clothing such as down jackets and autumn pants

Old brands have also begun to emphasize the sense of fashion and technology, and use this as a big bargaining chip to win the market share of young people.

The high-density thermal insulation velvet layer of the filament bird, the three-layer cold-resistant heat storage and warmth of Bosideng, the warm design of the cold-resistant “golden armor” of the Antarctica, and the design improvements such as the invisible V-neck of the three guns, the waist shape of Hengyuanxiang, and the seamless waist cutting of the Arctic velvet all strive to make themselves “warm, thin and good-looking”.

We were cold and the cold economy was hot

The phrase “When I tucked my autumn pants into my socks, I knew I had nothing to do with fashion this winter” was widely circulated.

But for people who can fancy winter, hard-to-show socks are not as generous as showing out, which is a fashion that is warmer and more fashionable than bare ankles.

“Leg wearing”, “thin and long”, and “fashionable” have become the search keywords for young people’s winter wear. The huge potential of China’s tights market is also waking up. It is estimated that by 2023, the size of China’s tights market will reach 31.28 billion yuan.

Socks at the world’s top menswear exhibition in Italy (by China News Network)

Down jackets are also getting trendy. Many people realize that down jackets are not necessarily fashion black holes, and it is precisely from the popular Canada Goose and Moncler down jackets in the past two years.

The domestic brand Bosideng is also making design improvements, and they are effective – its revenue has increased by 30.3% in the past year, with down jackets and women’s clothing contributing the most.

By the way, 10% more women than men are buying autumn pants this year

When female consumers are willing to pay for a class of goods, it almost wins.

Bosideng Autumn and Winter Models Launch Conference Catwalk Show (Photo by China News Network)

Wrapping yourself tightly in thermal underwear and down jackets is just the basics, and Linda also bought a bunch of heating artifacts. Typing on a hot desk mat to work, holding a hand warmer to feel refreshed, the warm patch on the stomach and back gradually dissipated heat, went home wrapped in an electric blanket, covered with a duvet and slept peacefully…

The comfort brought by warmth was unexpected, Linda gritted her teeth and spent half a month’s salary to replace the bathroom with a heating bath bomb.

According to, water heater sales during the Golden Week increased by 36% year-on-year. Electric blankets, shoe dryers, and hand warmers/foot warmers are also the top three items that young people love to buy.

Shanghainese love to buy duvets with high warmth, and Zhejiang and Jiangsu people like to use electric blankets and warm water bags for heating.

The fear of cold has promoted the “cold economy”, and everyone has shown their talents to make 360° all-round preparations for the coming winter.

Tips for “avoiding winter” in various parts of the country (Figure by Ali data)

Temperatures plummeted into single digits. The ’98 intern wore only an oversized hipster sweater, and Linda politely praised the good looks, and secretly tugged the scarf around her neck tighter.

There is a kind of growth called “I don’t need my mother to urge, I take the initiative to wear autumn pants”.

Young people who are cold and warm and self-aware have finally matured and grown up. What is fashionable and what looks good is nothing better than the experience of dressing warmly and comfortably, it is simply in heaven!

It’s just that even with three layers of autumn pants and thicker socks than a cotton jacket, single dogs still feel so cold.

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