A must-have coat in a man’s wardrobe, and you chose a horn button coat

We often mention that men’s clothes do not care more, only care about quality, and what is more needed in men’s wardrobes is some classic items,

In addition to having a warm down jacket in autumn and winter, you must also have at least one coat.

And among the various coats, each one is very classic, and there is no right or wrong choice this time,

The formal gentleman of the Chesterfield coat, the noble elegance of the polo coat, the toughness of the navy coat, the warmth of the parka, and the horn button coat are the representatives of the British college style.

First, the origin and development of horn button coats

The horn button coat is also called Duffle Coat

The origin of the name is closely related to a small town (Duffel) in Antwerp, Belgium, which produced fabrics throughout Europe in the 15th century, and in the 19th century horn button coats were also made of tweed fabrics produced in the town, so it was called “Duffle Coat”.

In the 50s of the 19th century, horn button coats became popular in Europe, and by 1890 they were adopted by the British Royal Navy.

So this is also a navy coat.

During World War II, a British Field Marshal, Bernard Law Montgomery, was very keen on this coat,

It was later also known as the “Montgomery” coat.

In the 50s and 60s of the 20th century, the horn button coat really became British civilian clothing, especially on students, making the horn button coat one of the classic academic items.

Second, the style characteristics of the horn button coat

1. Real double-woven wool tweed fabric;

2. The placket button is made of horn or wooden material, and is fixed with hemp rope and leather connection;

3. The only woolen coat with a hat;

4. Two large patch pockets at the front piece;

5. There is a yuke splicing above the front and rear clothing pieces;

6. The back piece has movable pleats.

Third, the horn button coat with the shape

As one of the British college-style items, the shape created by the horn button coat is relatively less formal than the Chesterfield coat and polo coat.

However, the horn button coat that is mainly based on casual fashion style can be diversified in shape.

When men wear coats, the most particular thing is the atmospheric demeanor,

Therefore, in the choice of fit, avoid some slim styles as much as possible, especially some partners with small belly, straight fit is a better choice.

The clothes, pants and shoes inside determine the style trend of the look,

The length of the coat is chosen according to the proportion of its own figure, and the length from the knees to the hips will make the overall proportions of the shape look different.

You can even choose some short jackets that have been transformed, and the jacket is still highly recognizable due to the classic horn buttons, yuk structure and tweed fabric.

1. Clever use of inner layering

If the inner layer is used well, the shape will appear more perfect, and it is necessary to know how to use each inner layer, and the inner layer is also a good way to show the taste of the shape.

As one of the navy items, the horn button coat is very delicate with a striped shirt,

Coupled with the navy blue color tone, it is perfect and shows the marine style to the fullest.

Layering is one of the best ways to enrich the look, but also reflect your dressing skills, in the winter look a turtleneck sweater can always make everything simple for the shape, it can solve a lot of difficult matching problems for you, and the layering of a jacket shape is very rich.

In addition to the classic tweed fabric, some twill styles make the shape more diverse,

But no matter what kind of style, the details of the shape must be handled well.

The blue jacket and jeans make the look more versatile, while the layering of sweaters and shirts and the large folds at the cuffs make the look eye-catching.

Vivid colors

Striped shirts and horn buttoned coats can also create a youthful college style, and the look looks very dynamic.

The black and white contrast shape is fashionable and versatile, the cylindrical wooden buckle and rough cannabis rope make the shape look very absorbent, while the white underwear and shoes echo the overall simple and elegant look.

2. Wear it with trousers to create a business style

Although the horn button coat is not the main formal business style, it is also very suitable for creating casual business wear, so many mature and stable men will also choose the horn button coat to create a daily business style.

The shape of navy blue looks very calm, according to the color tone of the shape to match, on the basis of the suit directly add a coat shape is very decent.

The tweed fabric features also match winter suits, and the horn-buttoned coat makes the business-style look very atmospheric and powerful.

With a pair of simple trousers is very gentlemanly, the button is buttoned up to keep the warmth better, and the neckline with a scarf shape immediately shows the charm of the elite in the workplace.

In the daily commute, the horn button coat can also cope well with the temperature difference between morning and evening, and the tweed fabric characteristics are also very warm.

The functional patch pocket can also hold some everyday items, providing convenience for styling.

Whether it’s a work trip or a holiday trip back home, a horn button coat can make the look mature and stable without looking too conservative.

Create a New Year’s couple’s outfit, the shape is very attractive, and it will not be too personal, a highly recognizable horn button coat with some small areas of red embellishment, the look is very pleasant.

3. Match leather shoes to create a tough guy man

The leather shoes make the look more rugged, especially when paired with leather boots, it can show the tough temperament.

Coat + leather boots can best reflect the atmospheric demeanor of men.

The versatile blue and white tones and a pair of brown leather shoes make the shape look very atmospheric, so that the fashionable and versatile shape is suitable for a wider range of people.

The shape of apricot tones is more personal, although the light color of the whole body is more difficult to match, but the overall tone of the shape is controlled, and then through the details to enrich the shape, so that the overall is very visually impactful.

When paired with jeans and leather boots, the croissant coat will definitely create a rough and tough look, which is also very textured.

The shape of the leather shoes is more elegant, and the overall proportion of the shape of a simple cropped pants looks very good, and it can also set off the rich characteristics of the horn button coat.

4. Wear it with sneakers to create a street trend

If you want to make your look more youthful and fashionable, you can have an immediate effect with sneakers,

Sneakers are trend-setting pieces, and pairing them with a classic croissant coat will create the chic look you want.

Personalized styles can naturally make the shape very outstanding, and what really makes the shape more attractive is the overall tone, navy blue with white is like a formula-like existence, whether in spring and summer, or autumn and winter This set of colors is very versatile.

The white turtleneck sweater makes the shape more simple and elegant, and the layering of the shoes is very rich.

Black and white tones are one of the best choices for street fashion, and can make the look more versatile, the black and white color scheme of the inner layer and shoes makes the look very layered, and the gray horn button coat is very fashionable.

In such a black-white-gray tone,

Since the horn button coat has a variety of styles, the shape will not look monotonous.

The style of the inner check can better reflect the characteristics of the British academy,

The black tone inside can show the details of the coat and make the look more quality.

If you have a coat, you must try to match it with a hooded sweatshirt, and the shape of a hooded sweatshirt is destined to be very layered,

Unlike other coats, the horn button coat also comes with a hat, so the effect of layering this makes the look even more outstanding.

In the styling, a pair of sneakers will often change the overall style, so horn button coats with some trendy items can also make the look more attractive.

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