How should a men’s shirt be matched with handsome and good-looking, such a combination fascinates a group of girls

Shirts are a type of clothing that many people will wear on formal occasions, of course, shirts can also be worn casually, and it is also a good way to wear them more oversize, and there are many methods mainly depending on what occasion.

How to match a shirt with a good-looking man

Shirt X suit slacks

Shirts and suit pants, this should go without saying, it seems to be formal but casual atmosphere, most men wear it this way. Wear yours with versatile suit pants and choose a straight fit for an enhanced effect.

Neutral pastel tones are best, try not to wear bright color pants.

Men who are worried that this will be too formal or too monotonous, it is recommended to choose a style with a little bit of elements, camouflage and stripes to make the whole more stylish, but not too exaggerated.

Shirt X sweater

The gentleman’s matching that shows the temperament is also one of the good outfits that many girls like to wear by their boyfriends, but there are some small details to pay attention to.

You can use shirts and sleeves to create different layers, and by fine-tuning small places such as collars, buttons, and hems, you can make the overall outfit exude different flavors.

Shirt X T-shirt

Spring and summer are coming, use the shirt as a thin jacket with T-shirt, but still pay attention to the style of the inner T, loose is not suitable, it is recommended to choose a fit.

Plain T or pattern, portrait T can be included in the reference, but mainly based on the shirt outside, for matching.

Or directly open the V-neck, also very personal!

Formal shirts

When it comes to formal shirts, they generally appear in more formal occasions, such as workplaces, interviews, meetings, etc., and naturally should be relatively conservative in the choice of color and style. The white shirt is one of the more choices we see in formal occasions.

The fabric of formal shirts is relatively sophisticated, and twill herringbone patterns are all fabrics of formal shirts.

In the choice of shirt, we should also choose a well-fitting shirt, not too tight or loose, so that it will look simpler, cleaner and neat!

Casual shirt

Casual shirts will use more exaggerated, bold patterns and colors than formal shirts, and most importantly, they will be more comfortable to wear and will not feel inhibited.

Casual shirts come in a variety of colors, usually loose and varied, with pockets, shoulders, cuffs, etc. to highlight the details.

Casual shirts are generally made of coarser fabrics, such as oxford, linen and youth cloth. Oxford casual shirts are very common to us, its fabric is very soft, durability is also relatively good; Linen shirts are the most suitable for wearing in spring and summer, not only good sweat absorption, but also good breathability.

Shirts and suit casual pants are also good, most of them will wear a more classic way of dressing, or shirts and sweaters are also possible, which will bring us a sense of layering, T-shirts with shirts are also a good way to match.