“Coat + sneakers” is what a 50-year-old woman should dress in winter, gentle and age-reducing temperament

A 50-year-old woman will eventually fall flat. No more love of brilliant colors, no longer obsessed with beautiful new clothes. Their outfits are more comfortable and comfortable. Over fifty, it should be more calm and elegant. But how to calm and elegant while not falling into the cliché?

The wearing of “coat + sneakers” is the most intuitive expression of a mix and match. The elegance and generosity of the coat, the youthful vitality of the sneakers, the combination of the two, can be comfortable and romantic, can also be elegant and playful, weaken the sense of age, show a gentle temperament, and more feminine posture.

The direction of choice of a 50-year-old woman’s coat

Look at the color

For a 50-year-old woman, when choosing a coat, the first reference item is the choice of color. If you want to be elegant and advanced, mature and stable, so rich dark colors, it is most suitable. Dark brown, caramel, navy, black gray, all atmospheric and elegant colors.

Dark coat, mature and steady but a little old-fashioned. At this time, we can combine light-colored pants or soft, bright-colored underwear. For example, off-white pants, emerald green undershirts. In addition to being stable and elegant, it will not be boring and lonely.

Light-colored coats are also more friendly to 50-year-old women. Light colors are mild and delicate, off-white, oat gray, light khaki, light brown, light gray, are more gentle and delicate. The skin tone of 50-year-old women is not so fair, and the light soft color is brighter, and the skin tone can be more translucent.

Light soft color coats, it is best to choose the same color or adjacent color underwear, which can enhance the overall high-end style. While being elegant and generous, it does not lose its mature aura and has a more advanced taste. The more similar the color of clothing, the stronger the sense of premium.

Look at the length

Winter coats, according to the length of the hem, can be basically divided into long and short styles. For 50-year-old women, even if they choose a short coat, they must choose an over-waist length. As we age, the lack of body size becomes clearer in women in their 50s.

The fat of the abdomen, the fat of the buttocks, and the thickness of the waist and crotch all need to be covered up by over-the-waist coats. It is best to combine straight-leg wide-leg pants to cover the fleshy line of the waist and crotch, showing a more high-fashion taste in the freshness and generosity.

The long clothes of a 50-year-old woman also need to remember a law. The trousers of the coat can be above or below the knee, but do not get stuck on the knee. In addition, the longest coat can not exceed the calf, and the coat to the length of the ankle is not friendly to the body shape of a 50-year-old woman.

A 50-year-old woman is inevitably a little tall in shape, and her sense of line is not so straight. Therefore, the coat that kicks the length is not suitable for them to wear, and it is easy to look short and fat, and the effect is not good. Generally, it is enough to choose a knee or knee coat.

Look at the fit

The shape of the coat has the most basic classification. It is generally divided into H type, cocoon type, A-line type, bathrobe type. If you want to retreat, H-shaped and A-shaped are both more selective styles, which are not friendly enough for the body shape of a 50-year-old woman. In particular, the A-line coat is suitable for people with narrow shoulder lines, and the cut of the waist echoes the wide hem to enhance the fashion index.

Of course, H-shaped coats, 50-year-old women are not completely uncontrollable. As long as the body shape is not so bloated, the inclusiveness of the H-shaped coat is still good. I’m afraid of a bloated 50-year-old woman, or a particularly fat body with a particularly fat abdomen, and the inclusiveness of a straight H-shaped coat may not be optimistic.

It can be seen that cocoon-type coats and bathrobe-type coats are the styles that 50-year-old women should choose. But how do you tell the difference between a cocoon coat or a bathrobe? Cocoon-type coats are loose and more inclusive, especially for women with pear-shaped bodies, especially suitable for cocoon-type coats.

The bathrobe-type coat is a very loose fit with an expensive broad-style style. Therefore, the bathrobe-type coat is still very testing temperament, requiring the wearer to have a high-level aura, and the matching of makeup and hair also needs to be more exquisite, so as not to wear the bathrobe-type coat out of the feeling of a dressing gown.

50 year old woman coat matching tips

Super long coat + cropped pants + sneakers

A 50-year-old woman wears an overcoat with sneakers to reduce her age. The gentle and feminine gesture makes people feel very fond of it. The combination of coats and sneakers also has a certain pattern. After all, coats and sneakers are a mix and match, how to make the mix and match style more perfect, the transition in the middle is more important.

In the combination of an extra long coat and cropped pants and sneakers, cropped pants become a transitional item in the middle. The elegance and generosity of the loose coat, and the simplicity and delicacy of the straight-leg cropped pants, convey a more intellectual and beautiful atmosphere. Hitting the energetic sneakers, the whole person becomes gentle.

Classic color coat + light skirt + sneakers

This set of outfits is a bit biased towards daily miscellaneous outfits, but it is more simple. Can express the gentle elegance of a 50-year-old woman, classic color coat, neat cut, delicate fabric, draped fit, everywhere exudes delicate and gentle beauty.

The light-colored skirt expresses the sweet and gentle temperament to the extreme, exposing the slender ankles appropriately, adding more light and romantic beauty. A pair of sneakers is also comfortable and lively, gentle and generous. This kind of daily miscellaneous style is more suitable for 50-year-old women.

Loose coat + sports suit + sneakers

The outfit of a 50-year-old woman is not only mature and stable. They can break the age limit and show off more colorful looks. The sports suit is used as an inner layer, casual and comfortable, with an age-reducing effect. And the sportswear is very inclusive, and it will not expose the lack of size of a 50-year-old woman at all.

The combination of sports suits and sneakers is casual and chic and full of vitality. Wear a loose coat, which is more comfortable and moderate, and also protects against wind and warmth. This down-to-earth outfit allows 50-year-old women to see a different look and have more new expectations.

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