Once an ugly duckling, he was disgusted by Feng Xiaogang, and now he has transformed into Bai Fumei, accompanied by hundreds of millions of luxury cars

Lu Zhen, Xue Shanshan, Xing’er, Chu Qiao, they have a common name – Zhao Liying. Born in a peasant family since she was a child, she did not receive a day of professional training, and only relied on her stubbornness of “desperate three niangs”, she firmly gained a foothold in the entertainment industry and spelled out her own piece of the sky.

Who would have thought that the current costume drama goddess, 11 years ago actually entered the industry through a talent show, Zhao Liying, who came out at the beginning of the year, was still very young, she won the championship of Feng Xiaogang’s group with her outstanding talent that year, but Zhao Liying at that time was still too shy, and her appearance was not particularly outstanding, Director Feng finally chose someone else, and bluntly said that she would not go too far on this road.

Although she lost the valuable opportunity to cooperate with big directors, Yingbao still relied on a momentum to not admit defeat, starting from the trick, and finally got the role of the female number one, and Zhao Liying, who has both strength and financial resources, has set up her own studio and invested in several large projects.

Zhao Liying bought herself a red Audi TT after becoming popular as a reward for years of hard work, and she also loved this commemorative car for ten minutes, and often drove this car when she went out to play.

As a well-known “desperate third lady” in the circle, Zhao Liying bought herself a Ford E series nanny car with enough rest space, and she would run to her nanny car to take a break between work.

And the petite and weak Zhao Liying’s favorite travel car in private is still the white Mercedes-Benz G500, such a domineering off-road vehicle, does Yingbao really hold it? This really seems that she is smaller~

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Car mobile phone rack universal universal air outlet magnetic bracket