Precautions for choosing cross stitch The latest offer of cross stitch

Careful friends probably have found that many people in many home decorations now choose to decorate their homes with cross stitch, so what is the charm of cross stitch? What should we pay attention to when choosing cross-stitch? Next, please follow the footsteps of the editor to understand the precautions for choosing cross stitch and the latest quotation of cross stitch.

Notes on picking cross-stitch

Look at the brand

Many cross-stitch novices do not pay attention to the cross-stitch brand when buying cross-stitch, in fact, this is very wrong, when buying cross-stitch must look at the cross-stitch brand, a good brand of cross-stitch products compared with a inferior cross-stitch brand, the difference in the finished product is very large.

Look at the pattern

The most important thing to buy cross stitch is, of course, to choose a cross stitch pattern, choose a favorite cross stitch pattern, not only can stimulate the interest of cross stitch, but also after the show, will be particularly fulfilling. When looking at the pattern, you can see whether the cross stitch drawings are accurate, and you must know that the accuracy of the cross stitch drawings will directly affect the speed of cross stitch.

Look at the lattice

When buying cross stitch, be sure to understand the size of the cross stitch lattice, generally there is a logo on the outer packaging, the more common lattice models are 11CT and 14CT, the smaller the CT, the finer the final cross stitch finished product, but the higher the difficulty.

Cross stitch latest offer

September new precision print cross stitch bloom rich bamboo newspaper ping an nine fish diagram new model medium version 99 yuan

September new precision print cross stitch national color tianxiang rich house peony 99 yuan

September’s new precision print cross stitch welcomes customers Songliu Aquatic Wealth Landscape Painting 800 Cross Stitch 139 yuan

Shang Century 5D diamond painting cross stitch living room new style home and wanshixing cross stitch diamond embroidery full diamond painting peacock 129 yuan

After reading this article on choosing precautions for cross-stitch and the latest quotation of cross-stitch, do you have a certain understanding of it? Hope this helps.