Small belts also have university asks! These four belts are perfect for all ages

The belt is a man’s second face, is a symbol of men’s identity taste, wearing the right can draw the finishing touch, icing on the cake, inappropriate will damage the image, so men choose a belt that suits them is very important, not expensive, suitable for themselves is good.

Belts can be roughly divided into different occasions and different dress conditions

Canvas belt, casual belt, business casual belt, formal belt

Wait. Today, I will talk to you about how to choose a cost-effective belt!

1. Canvas belt

Canvas belt

For the average person, the canvas belt is not accessible to everyone, because it has an age limit, and the main customers are

Around 20 years old

of young people, it is the time to show their youthful vitality, the price is also particularly close to the people, basically around tens of yuan~

(When I was a student, I had such a canvas belt, and the feeling of being coiled around my waist may be a distant youth~)

2. Leisure belt

Leisure belt

Suitable for 20 to 30 years old, most of the men of this age have gone to work, and the style of dressing has gradually changed from college style to slightly mature business casual style. Correspondingly, the choice of belt can no longer be as casual as under 20! After all, if you work and stand on your own, you can consider investing in an image project~

Spending a little extra money on the belt is very worthwhile, because better materials can make the belt last longer and maintain the style better, especially under daily intensive use!

Therefore, I recommend men of this age to buy a casual belt, which combines business and leisure.

(The general price is not too high, dozens or hundreds, no need to worry about your wallet deflated!) )

3. Business casual belt

Business casual belt

Suitable for men aged 30 to 40, who have been in the workplace for a while, compared to paying more attention to their own image, the material of the belt will pay special attention, generally will not choose too pompous style, most will choose the classic model!

(A must-have for men on the road to success, a belt that looks like business is important!) )

4. Formal belt

Formal belts

Most successful people are basically 40+, and formal belts are generally only matched in formal wear, attending more important occasions, for this part of men, in addition to caring about the material of the belt, design style, will also pay attention to the brand, after all, the brand is also a symbol of status!

Branded belts

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Leisure belt