“High-top” outdoor shoes, never the exclusive of fathers – “Weekly Unpopular Sneaker Awards”

Hello everyone! It’s time for the weekly Cold Sneaker Awards, and I’m Jekyll.

In outdoor sports, I prefer it

High gang

Outdoor shoes, because

Shoe comparison

Low top

In addition to providing better ankle protection, it effectively prevents sand from entering, and for shoes with waterproof materials, the height of the upper determines the depth of wading. Many friends mentioned it

Outdoor shoes, I think of the bulky shoes that my father loved to wear, for this reason

, I have carefully selected eight pairs for you

Outdoor shoes range from well-known sports brands like adidas to relatively niche outdoor brands like La Sportiva, but one thing is for sure, it won’t be the style your parents used to wear. Below they will PK in two pairs to see which pair can finally capture your heart~


To be honest, Jekyll hadn’t noticed Reebok’s new shoes in a long time, but this one blew my mind. Reebok was even able to launch outdoor shoes that looked so hardcore.

The extremely exaggerated Zig Kinetica midsole with Vibram’s special off-road outsole, the Vibram logo is printed on the heel, which is very eye-catching, and the huge GORE-TEX on the shoe is also showing the excellent waterproof performance of this shoe

The second player, the veteran outdoor sports brand SALEWA from Germany, was founded in 1935 and has a full product line in outdoor sports such as mountaineering and rock climbing, which is the “big brother” in this field.


THE UPPER FEATURES A NEW EXA-SHELL STRUCTURE, WHICH IS VERY DURABLE AND HAS A 3F SYSTEM TO SUPPORT AND PROTECT THE ANKLE. The POMOCA rubber outsole, symbolized by multiple color grids on the heel, and the use of GORE-TEX make it not afraid of wet slips on rainy days

。 As an outdoor fan, Jekyll loves this kind of shoes that combine outdoor professionalism and sci-fi styling, not to mention that it comes from a relatively niche brand like SALEWA, which is really surprising.


THE GROUP FIRST APPEARED PUMA AND HIS OLD FRIEND HELLY HANSEN. In Jekyll’s impression, PUMA rarely touches the outdoor category, but since 2019, PUMA has begun to cooperate with HELLY HANSEN to bring back PUMA’s own ancient outdoor shoes and start a new attempt in the outdoor field.

HELLY HANSEN WAS BORN IN NORWAY IN 1887, AND WAS ONE OF THE FIRST OUTDOOR BRANDS TO MAKE WATERPROOF CLOTHING, A BIG MAN IN THE FIELD OF NAUTICAL OUTDOORS. Later, it was no longer limited to nautical sports, and began to develop into full outdoor sports. In Jekyll’s opinion


, this pair

Nitefox Boot

It is the crystallization of the connection



The next one is Salomon, the current outdoor brand’s big hit. This time it brings a new collaboration with old partner and wander, and wander x Salomon Odyssey CSWP.

Founded in 2011, AND WANDER looks very young compared to the outdoor “big brother” with a history of decades or even centuries in previous decades. With the fertile soil of the Japanese outdoor sports market, AND WANDER has quickly grown into an outdoor brand sought after by young people. This is the third time we have worked with Salomon.

But it never chooses popular styles such as XT-6, XT-4, etc., but chooses models that truly meet the brand’s requirements for mountain sports

。 This is the case with the Odyssey CSWP, designed with a waterproof high-top design designed to keep your feet dry while preventing gravel from entering, allowing you to comfortably take long mountain walks.

Previously, Jekyll was not familiar with Japanese outdoor brands such as and wander that have emerged in recent years, but I was impressed by a friend gift, and Japanese outdoor brands do have unique insights in terms of details.


Nonnative is a clothing brand that Jekyll loves, and designer Takashiyuki Fujii spent a lot of ingenuity to create its uncategorized multi-aesthetic concept.

The GEL-YETI TOKYO HI G-TX in collaboration with ASICS is a representative of this taxonomy design. GEL-YETI was originally a pair of post-run recovery shoes designed for long-distance runners and enthusiasts.

Nonnative changed the prototype to a high-top design and used hiking shoe buckles as lace loops, as well as a suede-waterproof upper with GORE-TEX and a comfortable OrthoLite insole

, enhance its functionality, and transform it from a sports recovery shoe to an outdoor shoe like a military boot.

With some minor changes, the classic pieces are given a different temperament, which is probably the charm of Takashiyuki Fujii’s design. This is not the first time that this pair of gel-yeti tokyo has been released, and the two sides have collaborated on a release once in 2018, causing a sensation. The second cooperation opened in 2020, the volume of discussion is much smaller, the price has dropped a lot, and friends who like it pay more attention~


A.FOUR LABS IS AN EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN PROJECT STARTED BY DESIGNER KAZUKI KURAISHI IN 2012, I DON’T THINK I NEED TO INTRODUCE TOO MUCH. This collaboration with Merrell is his first collaboration with an outdoor footwear brand, among them

The most striking thing is the “kangaroo shoes” with Merrell functional outsole and GORE-TEX waterproof suede upper

。 In Jekyll’s view, Kazuki Kuraishi wants to break people’s stereotype of outdoor shoes through this cooperation, and outdoor shoes have more design possibilities under the premise of ensuring functionality.


THIS IS NOT HYKE’S FIRST COLLABORATION WITH ADIDAS, AND FRIENDS FAMILIAR WITH ADIDAS OR HYKE MUST HAVE MET THE SEEULATER IN 2016. It was also the first time adidas brought SEEULATER back to reintroduce people to this classic outdoor shoe from the early nineties.

HYKE’s return has not made major changes based on the 16-year edition,



The change in color matching, coupled with the addition of GORE-TEX, a necessary waterproof material for outdoor shoes, greatly improves functionality

。 Jekyll himself loves the shoes, having received one in 2016 and has never been used in the collection. I believe that HYKE also relied on the successful cooperation with adidas to establish a certain popularity in the hearts of domestic players, this return can be said to be a “classic” reproduction, missed 16 years of joint friends, this time to seize the opportunity!


Accident! ZEGNA, THE “THICK-EYED” GUY, HAS ALSO THROWN HERSELF INTO THE ARMS OF OUTDOOR SPORTS. And ZEGNA “took the sword” in the selection of partners, did not choose the current hot outdoor brand, but chose its “hometown”, also from Italy professional mountaineering outdoor brand La Sportiva.

In view of La Sportiva’s great expertise in the field of hiking shoes, ZEGNA did not change the structure of the shoe body, but only

A little bit of design has been made in the details. For example, the upper zipper, heel belt and the text on the shoe have been changed to ZEGNA’s exclusive Vicuna



While adding a co-branded playfulness, it also gives a chic sense of premium

。 For those who are looking for a fashion outdoors but don’t want to collide with the public, why not consider it?

Well, this issue of “Unpopular Sneaker Awards”

This is the end of the outdoor PK race! Don’t forget to call your favorite shoes. If you still want to see and know about unpopular shoes, welcome to leave a comment below, Jekyll will try to meet the requirements of readers and friends, we will see you next week!

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