Fresh Sugar Plumping Moisturizer Lip Balm

Fresh home products, has always been more popular, Mi La has used black tea series before, use to feel really good Oh, some time ago I also saw the sisters basking fragrance and candles, in fact, it is also very exciting, there are too many fragrances at home, so it is enough to have an eye addiction. The arrival of Fresh Soy Extract Cleansing Cleansing Gel was undoubtedly an unexpected surprise for me, and I have always wanted to try this soy cleanser, which should be considered one of the more popular products of Fresh. Or that simple and fresh packaging. Soy Extract Cleansing Cleansing Gel is definitely a gel texture, it is rich in soy protein, amino acids and soothing plants, free of soap and fragrance ingredients, it is not picky about skin type, but more suitable for sisters with sensitive skin. Cleansing gel belongs to the low-foam type, smells faintly fragrant, its cucumber essence and precious rose water formula can renew the skin while providing a cool feeling, the face will feel slippery when used, there is the feeling of using moisturizer to wash the face, there is no stimulation at all, there may be sisters will blindly pursue foam, in fact, especially the sisters of oil skin should use this gentler cleanser, in order to clean the skin without destroying the skin’s natural water stratification, The cleansed skin is clean, fresh and not tight to achieve a balance of water and oil, leaving the skin in a healthier state. More than just a cleanser, it also removes some of your daily makeup, with Mila simply applying eyeshadow