These new perfumes look good and blow up, and every bottle should be on my dresser!

In the blink of an eye, the new year has begun to be a quarter, and they all say that spring is coming, and if you want to open a beautiful peach blossom in the season of love, you must do something for yourself~

Source: NANA Global Beauty (text / NANA)

In spring, in addition to taking off the heavy coat, cotton jacket, and changing into a beautiful skirt, you also need a bottle of perfume that is trendy and suitable for the season. Looking for a weather vane? Stars in the entertainment industry are always fashionable trendsetters, and they can’t wait to share their favorite perfumes with fans in their Little Red Book~

NANA solicited a wave from the little sisters of the editorial department, but they didn’t expect that everyone wanted to buy “new fragrance” for themselves, but they were still hesitating and lingering, not knowing which one to buy?

So today’s intimate NANA will recommend a wave, the most anticipated perfume list, and each one is particularly high! ! ! Let’s get started~

YSL is really energetic this year, and has produced 3 new products in one go, of which I am most looking forward to this blue opium ~ cool ice blue packaging futuristic, it is said to be the joint work of Nathalie Lorson, Olivier Cresp, Marie Salamagne and Honorine Blanc, which is simply addictive!

The blend of black coffee and blue vermouth represents a magical, bold, seductive and independent woman, and spokesperson Zoe Kravitz is simply cool and domineering as if nothing can stop her~

Top notes: blue vermouth, bosenberry

Heart: Sabah jasmine, orange blossom, black coffee

Base notes: sandalwood, licorice, vanilla

The second is a limited packaging series inspired by popular leather bags such as YSL envelope bags, and various colors of leather are decorated with small and delicate zipper decorations, who can refuse a woman who loves bags!?

The last one is a new upgraded version of YSL Reverse Paris, all 4 types, the difference is that the ribbon of the bottleneck is slightly different.

The taste is still floral and fruity, based on the fruity aroma of bergamot, pear, strawberry and other fruits, but the new addition of peony, orange blossom, jasmine, magnolia and other flowers, sweeter than love, has 2019 absolute peach blossoms!

Half of last year’s perfume market was controlled by Anna Su’s dream unicorn perfume, which captured the hearts of a large wave of girls by relying on Shenyan~ This year, Anna Su made a comeback, and a new series of mermaid princess perfume of the same series was released, and the appearance was nothing to say!

A statue of a mermaid with long seaweed-like hair and a cute seahorse in his hand. The whole is turquoise and silver bottle design, which has a fresh feeling of the ocean, romantic and psychedelic! The taste is different from the sweetness of unicorns, this is cute with a touch of sexy floral and fruity aroma, and I am also looking forward to it~

Top notes: blood orange, citrus, spicy cardamom

Heart notes: jasmine, peony, lychee

Base notes: golden wood, vanilla, woody, honey

Of course, the perfume boss Guerlain is not to be outdone, this year also launched the spring fragrance Aqua Allegoria series Flora Cherrysia, the pink and tender packaging is too poking my girly heart~

Guerlain’s inspiration from cherry blossoms, the taste is also a light fragrance of sweet and sour tones, and there is a young girly feeling next door where a girl has just grown up, which is very suitable for young girls~

Top notes: bergamot, melon

Heart notes: cherry blossoms, pears

Tail notes: violet, white musk, woody elements

Say how can perfume be without Zumaron! Every year, Zumalon will launch a British style limited series, such as how much powder was circled by last year’s rice field theme with its frigid outer packaging~

This year’s British limited collection features herbs that grow freely on the banks of the Hackney Canal in London, England, and the wonderful wild plants and flowers that dot the banks of the winding river.

A total of 5 fragrances were launched, namely:

Nettle & Wild Achillea

Willow & Amber

Hemlock & Bergamot

Lupin & Patchouli

Cade & Cedarwood

These combinations are really amazing, crossing the realm of aroma, without any principles or reasons, but every twist has an unexpected charm~

The bottle body is also around the theme, and has been replaced with fresh flowers and sketches, making people feel like the spring breeze, warm and fresh after watching, always whether it is for self-use or gifting is a great choice!

This last one is definitely one of my treasures, just look at this packaging to love it, from a super niche brand – Maison Margiela, many people may not know this brand, not long ago perfume control actress Wu Jinyan also recommended sharing this perfume on his little red book Oh, below I will have a good Amway ~

Maison Margiela is a fashion designer brand, the long-hot split-toe shoes are its home, its perfume line has also entered China and settled in Sephora this year, and my favorite one is currently very hot – lazy weekend.

The overall style of this perfume is simple and atmospheric, full of design, and the cotton label on the bottle is easily reminiscent of clothing and accessories of the same series, just suitable for us frigid girls~

Lazy weekend this bottle is a softer floral note, the gentle smell is very similar to the spring weekend morning, lazy nestled in freshly washed cotton sheets, the light fragrance is extremely pleasant.

Top notes: acetaldehyde, pear, lily of the valley

Heart notes: iris, rose extract, orange blossom

Base notes: white musk, Indonesian patchouli essential oil, yellow sunflower seed extract

In addition to this, there are 4 other classic fragrances (beach walk, warm fireplace, flower market, jazz lounge) have also been listed in China, interested sister paper can go to see ha ~ Well, today’s perfume is recommended here, it can be said that each one is my love, after all, the appearance is there, just pity my wallet

I don’t know if you have a fancy, leave a message to share it~ I hope that everyone will become fragrant in the New Year, and the 2019 flowers have “pigs”~