Winter cotton clothing The slim design instantly enhances the sense of fashion

Long winter beige cotton suit, slim fit extremely thin, with a short skirt and over-the-knee boots, elongated body proportions show tall and good figure!

Color-block winter cotton clothing, long slim design, the ultimate show slender small waist, with knee-length stockings and dresses, showing off sexy beautiful legs!

The loose-fit white down jacket is easy to wear handsome, warm and fashionable, with a light blue turtleneck sweater underneath and a pair of ripped jeans to instantly enhance the sense of fashion, quiet and gentle.

Short light yellow cotton suit, simple style, underneath earth-colored turtleneck sweater and short skirt, easy to wear a lively and playful feel, classic and attractive.

White down jacket with tight jeans and boots, pure and generous, love a white beanie looks more well-behaved, more studenty.

The gold down jacket grabs the camera through personalized colors and reflective fabrics, and the bulging upper body makes the legs extra slender.

Mid-length down jackets with vertical striped shirts and black shorts are indeed much more fashionable, stockings can choose a warm style, and purple hats are elegant and handsome.

Brown down jacket is simple and handsome, don’t want to wear so dull in winter, and don’t want to wear swaggering bright colors, you can choose this low-key and warm brown, with gray pants and black Martin boots, handsome and fashionable.


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